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Joy, My **** Wife

  A friend of mine (Steve) was throwing a stag party for a guy who was getting married soon and since he knew that I shared Joy with other
guys he asked  if she could come to the party and suck off the groom. He said they would pay her and it was also going to be put on video
and I could have a copy. He also said that at the place where the party was being held there was a "viewing room" and I could watch all the
action taking place from different monitors set up in the room.   I told him that would be great and Joy would be there. I told Joy what she was to do and she was very excited about being watched by a
group of guys as she sucked off a hot ****. When we arrived the first thing that happened was Steve took me to the viewing room and
when he left he locked the door. I didn't think much of it since I figured he didn't want anyone barging in on me while I was watching Joy.   They ******** Joy's clothes off her and all admired her fine **** and hot *****. Then the groom was brought in with a blindfold over his eyes
and handcuffed. He was led to a chair and sat down. Joy went to him and began licking the tip of his **** and as he started getting hard
took his dickin her mouth and began stroking him and letting him **** her mouth.   All the while the video camera's was set up and filming it all and I had a very good view of everything through the monitors. It didn't take long, Joy really knows how to suck dicks, before the groom was ******* and shooting *** in Joys mouth and on her face   After taking his *** all over her face, Joy looked up to see that the other men in the room were now all naked with their dicks out. She
looked a little taken aback at the number of stiff ***** in front of her, and in line with her "role" in the video said that she was only
there to suck off the groom. That was what she had been paid for, so she'd like her clothes back so she could leave.   Everyone in the room just laughed "but you did such a good job with him, and you've got us all standing to attention. So be a good girl and help us out a little" said one of them "Just come and give us all a little suck."   "Playing"  the part of a reluctant participant Joy moved the first man, and grasping his firm **** in her had flicked her tongue over the end
of it, then slowly slipped it into her mouth. Only this guy didn't have his hands handcuffed behind his back, so as soon as she had a good
mouthful of **** he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her head right down till his entire shaft disappeared into her mouth. He didn't
move at all, he just held her head tight with his **** wedged in her throat.   "Well sweetie" he said, "now we've got your attention you'd better listen and listen good. You just put on one hell of a show, and have
got us all very randy so now, you're going to have to ensure that we all get some satisfaction. You ain't going nowhere until we say so." 
He pulled his **** back out of Joy's mouth so she could take a breath and then plunged it right back down again. "There are twenty three of us here, and one way or another we're all going to have a piece of your ***** before you go home. Now you want to do this easy or hard?"   Again he pulled out of her mouth to let her breathe. "Well? He asked. Joy looked up at him and you could just hear her cough out the words "please yes, I want all of you". "She wants it boys" he said, and plunged his **** right down her throat again. "Get the table ready" he
said, as he ****** my wife's face.   A small table was set up over near the bar, and they attached leather straps to each of the legs. Once these were in place four of the men
walked over to where Joy was having her face ******. They took hold of her and though she struggled to get away dragged her over to the table. First they tied each leg to one of the table legs, which spread her feet about four feet apart, and then they bent her backwards over the table and pulled her arms down and secured them to the other legs. Her head was hanging back over the edge of the table, so she was in the perfect position to be spit roast. Her whole body was stretched, and her breasts were pointing proudly up at the ceiling.   The man who had been face ******* her moved between her legs, and nudged his **** up against her ***** lips. We are take you as we want." Then without another word he stabbed his **** into her ***** and started thrusting away. Another of the men moved to her head, and placed his **** at her lips. Joy said "Yes, use me as you want."  and took his **** in her mouth.   There she was, tied to a table in a seedy pool room, with a man ******* her ***** and another ******* her face. She'd taken five men before, but this time there were twenty plus waiting their turn with her.   The stud between her legs was thrusting back and forth in time with the music, and had his hand resting across her stomach with his thumbs reaching down to massage her ****. The one ******* her face was also thrusting in time to the music, while squeezing her **** with his hands. The other men moved closer still.   Every time the guy between her legs thrust into her ***** the table moved and it forced her down deeper onto the **** in her mouth. Five or ten minutes of rampant sex followed before the guy between her legs pulled out and shot his *** up and over her stomach. The guy in her mouth took his cue from this, and pulled just far enough out to shoot half his *** into her mouth and the rest onto her face and hair.   As they walked away from the table, the camera's zoomed in on the sticky mess of her face and stomach. Her ***** lips were open and they could see that she was wet and horny.   Two more men stepped into position. The camera's focused on their dicks as they pushed into her ***** and mouth respectively. They began to push in and out of their own choice of holes in a slow rhythmic fashion, pulling right out before plunging deep back inside her. The **** down her throat was a little longer than the previous one, and every time he sunk it to the hilt you could see it moving in Joy's throat.   She was gagging and bucking as they shoved their dicks deep into her mouth and *****. "We've a real live one here" one of them said. "Thank god we tied her down."   Time and time again they thrust in and out of her mouth and *****, using her in unison. There was four video camera's filming every second of Joy's experience, two shooting full length shots and two in close up, one focusing on her ***** and the other on her mouth.   Every time the **** slid out of her ***** you could see her juices streaking against his skin. He pulled his **** out completely, and
rubbed the angry purple head against her **** for a couple of seconds, before a fountain on ***** arced up and over her stomach and breasts, adding to that from the first guy that had ****** her. There were thick creamy streaks of *** reaching all across her stomach.   Once he had finished he was quickly replaced by another, the first of the black guys. His **** was longer than the two previous - they seemed to get bigger with every guy that stepped up to **** her. I would have guessed around ten inches long. He let it rest on her ***** lips for a while before gently easing it in. Inch by inch he pushed his **** into her wet and sloppy *****. Joy strained against her bonds as his **** inched its way in.   The one that was ******* her mouth was hammering his **** home time and time again and then withdrew, shooting another  load over her face, breasts and in her mouth. For a moment one of the camera's zoomed right in on a trickle of *** as it ran down her cheek and into her hair.   When it zoomed out again another man had his **** in her mouth. They took turns ******* her, one by one, one after another, each one pulling out and adding his steamy *** to the others until there were just three men left that hadn't partaken of either her *****, or her mouth. Joy was covered in ***. It was bubbling from her nose, it was matted in her hair. Her breasts where white and slimy with it, as
was her stomach, and her ***** hair was completely white and matted.   She had stopped struggling against her bonds by this time, and was laying there quite resigned to the group ******* she was getting.   The last three men were ******** and ready for action, they each had dicks that must have been twelve inches long. One of them lay on his back, and the rest of the group unfastened her ropes. They picked Joy up, holding her legs wide, and lowered her onto his waiting ****. Her body weight pushed her down the length of his ****, until all twelve inches had gone from view. Then the second one knelt behind her. He
rubbed his **** against her ***** lips and slowly forced it in along side the twelve inches she already had up her. Then they started to
**** her stretched *****. As one pulled out, the other thrust deep. Her mouth fell open as they ****** her, and the third guy stepped up and pushed his twelve inches into her throat.   Every time he thrust you could see her whole throat bulge as his head sank down it. Long slow deliberate strokes pulling right out to let her
breathe before sinking the full twelve inches again.   The three of them worked her body hard for ten or so minutes before the one in her mouth let go his load. Only he didn't pull out. He rammed his **** as deep into her throat as he could and shot jet after jet of hot white down her throat. So much that she couldn't swallow, and his *** ran out of the side of her mouth and down her chin and breasts.   The other two now started to **** her stretched ***** in unison, thrusting deep inside her at the same time. I'd never seen a woman's
***** wrapped around two dicks like this before, and they pistonned in and out. Then they came together inside her. She was so full of **** that there was little room for their ***, and it ran down their dicks and her thighs.   When they stopped pumping their *** into her she was pulled off of  them, given her clothes and pushed naked out of the pool room into the waiting area.   Steve unlocked the door to the viewing room and I went down to my wife. Her hair was matted with ***, and dried *** was crusted over her cheeks, neck, ****, stomach, and thighs, and her ***** hair was one big white crusty mess.   There were no facilities for washing, so I slipped her coat over her naked body and we made our way home.   I filed the bath for Joy and left her to soak. When she was rested she joined me in the bedroom. She wanted to know if I had enjoyed the experience of watching her being **********. I told her that the experience had left me with the biggest hard-on I'd ever had. For her part she admitted that she had enjoyed it, but it had left her ***** sore and it would take a few days before she could **** again, so She said I would have to be satisfied with her sucking me off. I told her I didn't mind, as I said Joy really knows how to suck a ****.
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I am well endowed and love the swing scene. Sent a friend request


I think this scene would have filled me with some very intense "Mixed" emotions. It's one thing to see your wife have a Gang-bang (I've have my women have them many times), but another thing completely to see her "Raped" by 23 guys. I think I would have come out Swinging and have Decked the Bastard that Locked you in the "viewing" room. Then this Sadistic Tendency of some men that seem to enjoy choking a woman with their ****. I can't imagine it being a very "sexy" scene with *** coming out your wife's Nose.

Love the story. Hope to see Joy myself soon it her pics, or whereever.

i have found that watching my wife with other men is one of the hottest times. i know she has done ********* but not seen it.. i am sure it would be so very hot. u have a good wife and u are a lucky husband

It is so nice to have a beautiful wife like yours who loves to suck and ****.

Wow,, did she ever do this again?

That what she said too.

23, holy hell.