My Wife's First Time With Another Man

In the mid-eighties I spent a lot of time on the road
with our partner, Pete. In the course of this time
with him, I confided that I was frustrated at not being
able to bring Marie to ******. She said she was
satisfied, and I have come to believe her, but our
partner said that maybe if we both made love to her,
we could possibly get her excited enough to come.
One day he came over and Marie called out from the
kitchen "how do you want your coffee?" He answered
from the front room, "topless!" Before he had played
with her breasts a little, but nothing else. She must
have been expecting something because she had a
hostess gown on and nothing else! She pulled her
top down and put a couple of coffee cups on a tray
and brought them out. It excited her to see us staring
at her breasts. She gave me a cup and took Pete his.
He put it down and then pulled Marie into his lap.
They began to french kiss and Marie just seemed to
melt into him! He began feeling her breasts and I
watched with a rock hard ****. He pulled up her hem
and began to feel her ****. I wanted to just watch,
but Marie called me over. I sat on the other side
of her and started kissing her and feeling her breasts.
Pete slid down and began to kiss and lick her thighs,
he sucked her toes and I believe he licked her ****.
Soon we stood her up and took her gown off,
and she was sitting between us naked. Marie was very
excited and unzipped my pants and began to rub my ****.
It is very unusual for her to initiate a sexual move,
and I know she was doing the same thing to Pete,
and that really excited me. She suggested we go to bed.
She got on her knees on the bed and Pete and I
undressed. He got on the bed and Marie grabbed his
9" **** and began to suck it. Pete looked like he
was in ecstacy. Soon we had her on her back and she
had a **** in each hand and we were sucking both of
her breasts. Pete was also rubbing her ****.
Soon she got on her left side and began to suck
his **** again and I entered her from behind.
After watching him get sucked by my wife for a while
I came inside of her, long and hard. Marie does not
want a man to *** in her mouth and doesn't like the
taste of ***, but she turned over on her right side
and started to suck my *** soaked ****. I was still
erect and she began to rub her **** up and down the
length of his ****. Soon he looked at me and I nodden
my O.K., and he entered her with the full length
of heis ****. He played with her breasts and pounded
his **** into her, he then put his hands on her hips
to get as deeply inside of her as possible.
I was the only one to *** that day, but Marie has
said that was one of the best sexual experiences
of her life.
bilmarjen bilmarjen
Mar 6, 2011