Tonight She'll Do It Again.

I know we'd planned her play date for next week but looking for new playmates she got an offer she can't/won't refuse.He's leaving town during our play date. He, 6'5" hung bigger, if true, than any guy I've ever seen.

She is crazy to mate with this man! She's moved clients, bought clothes and new lingeree. When I balked a little she said "stay home if you want he has every thing I ' ll need". She has allways said she didn't like heavy hung. Guess she changed her outlook.

Guys you know that feeling you get in the middle of your chest before ? Well I've got it bad ,really bad.She will most liklely take him in  side her later today or early tonight. I'll never be able to compare with him physically ...ever.!!Any one have any Ideas on how to cope??

eelgok eelgok
51-55, M
1 Response Feb 17, 2009

Well we went through with it. Turns out that he was , indeed huge when he could get it up. He turned out to be a rough lover,so hard on the Mrs she made him stop after about 3 minutes let him try again. She told me to make him go away. Which I would rather not admit I was happy to do. Well there is still the original play date, hopefully it turns out better.