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Truth Or Dare

Someone asked me about a pic file we posted about Megan playing Truth or Dare and we'd love to share the story.  As with all of our memories, this was a true telling of a fantasy "***" true - with my best friend George.  George and his wife Joanie have shared many special times = starting with a ***** game night to sharing x-rated movies and then sharing partners.  Joanie is the lady who jacked me off at a TV night after George passed out next to her (hand jobs story).  It was Joanie who talked Megan into her first striptease in front of ehr husband.  So we have a long tradition of fun and games together.

George had begun to enjoy more of Megan's antics as we went out together.  Her short skirts and flashes of stockings became as addictived to him as they were to me and Megan began to enjoy teasing him.  It became our custum to sit at the bar with George and I on the outside and our wives reversed between us - Megan next to George and Joanie next to me.  Joanie didn't wear stockings, but her fingers lovingly strayed onto my **** under the bar on a regular basis during the night.  Meanwhile, Megan would let her skirt slide up her thighs to her panties so that George and I (and pretty much any other guys sitting at tables behind us) could see her stockings and garters on display!  After three or four nights out on the town,  I hinted that Megan should arrange to pull George's hand down onto her stockings and the very next weekend, Megan managed to take his hand in hers and gently guide it onto her exposed thigh.  I saw his eyes light up and couldn't miss the way he began stroking her garters and leaning closer to her the rest of the night.  Of course, we carefully avoided pretended not to notice anything as we played our game and as I thought of George sliding his hand up Megan's leg to her crotch, Joanie was able to jack me off in my pants right there in the bar!

So I wasn't surprised one night out drinking on our own when George commented on how sexy Megan was.  I took the hint and began telling him about our private game nights and how she would play ***** games with me and then we woulf take pictures and tapes our lovemaking.  He just ate it up!  He could have been doing the same, but for some reason, George was the voyeur who lusted after other women and ignored his own wife.  From that I hatched a plot for a new fantasy - a ********* with Megan!  I continued my narrative, commenting how Megan would always dress up really special for these nights and said it might be "funny" to surprise her by having George drop by in the middle of one of our evenings.  The hungry glint in his eye told me all I needed to know!

The next time Megan and I arranged a special night, I tipped George ahead of time.  Our excuse was that Joanie was visiting her mother out of town and he thought I might want to go out for a couple.  It worked perfectly! Megan was looking saucy in a short skirt, sheer white blouse and her luscious black lingerie and stockings.  We were playing truth-or-dare in the living room and half way through our first six pack when the doorbell rang!  Meg gave me a blank stare, but I told her to stay put and answered the door.

"George!" I said in surprise. Already a bit snockered, he asked if I was interested in cruising with him.  I invited him inside, explaining that Meg and I were staying home, but he was welcome to join us for a beer.  Before Meg could even stand up, George was standing in front of her with a friendly hello as I headed to the kitchen.  Her stocking tops wer playfully exposed below the short hemline of her skirt and her black shelf bra wsas clearly displayed under her sheer white blouse!  I returned with a beer and pointed to a chair opposite Megan sitting on the couch. 

George began to apologize for interrupting us, but Megan explained we were having a game night and he was not to worry!  We talked some and I explained how our game went.  The questions would be anything - but required a truthful answer or pay a penalty.  George grinned and said we shouldn't stop on his account.  Perfectly timed, I then said he could just join us.  The game was simple - open questions, but written dares if the vote went against you.  It was clear that meg was going to lose and the first dare required her to stand in front of the window with less than everything on.  She groaned and then stood up and dropped her skirt to the floor!  Wish some growing excitement, we watched her parade by the living room window and pose in her stockings, black garters, and skimpy bikini panties before returning to the couch.  At the same time, both George and I were voted down and lost our clothes. 

We were all pretty drunk by now and Megan was voted down on anothe "truth".  Her dare was to submit to the "roll of the dice".  That meant that George and I rolled and then got to call the dare.  George actually won and then stopped - not having a clue what to ask for.  I simply suggested that he might enjoy a "photo shoot".  Meg look at me and George looked at her!  Then she agreed and we went to the bedroom.  He took the first pic as she settled on teh bed and then several more.  With Megn'as **** already exposed, his **** couldn't help but grow, but then I urged her to continue.  Megan was getting aroused by posing for George and then I simply pushed himi forward and said I would take a couple of shots of them. 

The rest of the night, as they say, was history!  As George leaned toward her, Megan pulled his hands up to her bare **** and they started making out.  I snapped a couple more photos and then George was finally into it.  As I simply watched, the two of them went to town.  George's **** was hard as a rock and Megan rolled over and took it between her lips!  She had learned the art in college - before I met her - and was incredibly gifted at sucking a man to ecstacy!  The two of them kept it up for a few minutes and then Megan pulled back and begged George to **** her!  He gave me one passing glance for permission and I nodded.  In an instant, he was pushing inside her and she was moaning with pleasure!  With a gentle reminder, I suggested that we didn't want kids and George understood.  At the appropriate moment, he pulled out  and she jacked him off, spurting all over her as she lay beneath him on the bed!

I don't know if George ever told Joanie about that night, but the very next evening together was  our first "swap".  We had a movie night at their house and Joanie answered the door in black stockings and a slip the barely coverd her lovely breasts!  Somehow, I think she knew and we all enjoyed yet another new adventure!

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Awesome story. I love it when adventures just happen spontaneously.

great story