My Wife Didn't Know But My Friend And I Set Her Up And I Watched Him **** Her Without Her Knowing

Ok ... if you have read my previous story about the first time I let another man **** my wife  then you this story will make more sense to you. If you enjoyed my last encounter and this one then please comment. This is not a short story and in fact not a story at all ... another wonderful chapter of my life with my sexy erotic wife !

Okay .... after our first encounter with another man ******* my wife while on a trip, we talked about it endlessly and everytime it made us so horny we would stop what we were doing and **** like wild animals ! but even though I had manipulated her into being ****** by another man before and she loved it .... she would not do it again ! So I decided that once again I was going to have to be sneaky and get her ****** again so I could once again enjoy the most exciting thing in my life, watching my wife get ****** by another man !

My wife and I always go to a local bar for drinks and true to form once she gets a few quick drinks into  her she gets very affectionate with me and very talkative and flirtation with other guys there that we know and lets almost any man hug her. I had talked to a good friend of mine and like guys  do I had to brag about my wife getting ****** by another  man on our trip and how much I loved watching. So I devised a scheme with him to get him to **** her and for me to be able to watch.

So I arranged for my friend to meet us at the bar about an hour after we got there. By that time my wife has usually downed a few drinks and is very open and friendly. So I waited anxiously for Max to walk in the pub and when he did I waved for him to come over. My wife had heard me talk about Max but had never met him. When he came over I introduced them and as we had arranged previously Max gave her a big hug and she hugged him back. The evening went great and she became very flirtatious with Max would touch his arm when they laughed.

Several times I left the table to either take a **** or go outside for a smoke and when outside I could watch them through the window and my wife was even more flirtatious with him  when I was not there. During our conversations, as preplanned I mentioned to Max that I knew my wife was the one for me when I learned her email address, he  asked her what it was and she told him, now he had her email address.

As prearranged when it was time to leave I payed the bill and told my wife that I had to go to the washroom again and that I would meet her outside. As arranged Max went outside with her, I gave them about 5 minutes and then went out and my wife and I  went home. At home I gave my wife a big hug and kiss and her usual peck kiss was not on the menu today, instead was a long hungry french kiss ! I told her how sexy and fun she was tonight and she was extra horny so we made our way to the bedroom and had sex. This was not our romantic type sex as we usually have, she was so horny that we had a wild pounding sex and just ****** until we both came !

Later I checked my email and as planned Max had sent me an email. He told me that when I was outside he would rub his foot against my wife's leg and she didn't pull away and that she also responded by touching his arm and hand a lot when they talked. When they went outside and were waiting for me to come out, Max as planned gave my wife a hug goodbye but this time held the hug longer and she responded. He then gave her a kiss on the cheek before I came out and said that she did not pull away. All in all for our plan, a success.

Max also tried out my wife's email address and told her how he had a great time talking to her and that she was a very sexy beautiful lady and he hoped he would be able to meet up with us again. Thus began their internet flirting and Max was sure to send me a copy of every email that they shared. WOW that turned me on !

The next week I didn't say anything to my wife about going out to the bar and continued to get updates from Max and their emails. My wife told Max in one email that we were going to the bar and asked if he would like to meet us there but told him not to say anything to me. Now it was her making the arrangements and that excited me too ! So on our regular night out she just started to get ready and when I played dumb, she said hey this is our night out honey, aren't you going to get ready. Well she was the one getting ready, she put on extra makeup, a short black skirt, and a top that drives me wild, it is a white vest looking top that is very low cut and shows off her very sexy clevage caused by her large breasts ! hmmm

When we got to the bar we again sat at a table, she picked it out and guess what, it wasnt a table for two but for four.  I noticed her looking around a lot and about an hour  later and after her downing several drinks, she said, hey there is your friend Max, why don't you invite him over. I played dumb again and waived Max over, we greeted with our normal handshake and he greeted my wife with a hug and told her how beatiful she looked tonight. The night went as planned and each time again I would go outside for a smoke I would watch them flirt and was so hard and horny knowing they were probably rubbing lets under the table and my wife was quite drunk and very open. Again when it came time to leave I just happened to have to go to the  washroom after paying the bill and my wife said, will meet you outside.

When we went home I hugged my wife and told her how beautiful and sexy she looked tonight and kissed her. Again I was met with an extremely hot hungry kiss, her hands all over me and her tongue exploring my mouth. We ended up in bed again and had wild animal sex, not loving and soft or romantic .... she grabbed for my **** right away and went down on me sucking me all the way down, not bad for 8 inches and thick. I had not seen her so horny for a long time ... I then mounted her and she moaned and growned urging me to **** her harder as we ****** until we came.

My wife then made dinner and I was anxious to check my emails and sure enough there was another email from Max with an update. He told me that they went outside again and he gave her a hug saying goodbye  .... this time instead of kissing her on the cheek he gave her a soft kiss on the lips ... he added that she did not pull away so he kissed her harder and they stood there necking for several minutes and during that time he would suck her neck and push his hard **** into her and dry hump her, she didn't pull away at alll and was kissing him with the same hungry kisses that she gave me when we got home.

I watched my wife later as she read her emails on the laptop and could notice her squirming. I later read the email because Max forwarded it to me, he told her again how sexy and beautiful she was, how he loved the way she kissed, and also apologized saying her got carried away and he hoped she would forgive him. Her email back said that she understood that drinking can do that to a  person and that it was okay and that she in  fact had enjoyed him kissing her and their moments together.

Max continued to share their emails and it surprised me how much my wife was tempted and seduced by Max. He shared with her about how endowed he was which obviously got her excited. I am not small at 8 inches and thick but Max has the largest **** I have ever seen. He is 10 1/2 inches and thick to boot and proved it to her in an email with several pictures. I was pleasantly surprised how much this excited her and her erotic emails to him about wanting to experience that ****, how she didn't know if she could suck it all but would love to try. She also found her way into my  main computer and sent him several of the very erotic and naughty pictures that I had take of her naked while she posed for me ! The plan was working and I our sex life was getting better by the day, or night and our ******* began to be just that, wild crazy **** sessions but no complaints here and where we used to **** only once a night, these sessons would now last for over an hour, she was now crazy about sucking my **** and would suck me to ******* and enjoy every drop of my ***, not her normal practice but I knew exactly what was going on because I read about it in emails Max passed on to me where she would write that while she was sucking my **** she was fantasizing sucking his **** and when I would **** her she would fantasize that is was him ******* her and she came so hard and wanted more sex all the time !

Needless to say my wife had not shared any of this with me, not a word about their fooling around, about them kissing outside the bar nor about their internet affair, but in a way that turned me on even more and I was so addicted to this that all I wanted was more and more until I could watch them ******* each other !

We met one more time at the bar, this time I brought it up so it would not seem strange to her and enjoyed her emailing Max and telling him to meet us there. He had asked her to wear that same sexy top again for him and to not wear panties, which my wife never does, wear the same clothes the next week when we go out, but guess what .... I was excited to see her getting dressed and putting on that same black skirt and sexy top exposing her gorgious sexy breasts and clevage !

Another night of bliss for me as my wife seemed very nervous and anxious and drank even faster. By the time Max showed up she was not feeling any pain ! The night went much like the others and when it came time to leave I didn't say anything about going to the washroom, just payed the bill and started to put on my coat. I saw my wife look at Max and then at me and said ... honey you better go to the washroom before we leave, you know how the cold air will get to your blatter when we are driving home. Hmmm I loved it and said you are right and I have to take a quick sit as well.

This time when we got home it was not me hugging or kissing her, she was holding my hand when we walked into the house and turned and met me with a hungry wild erotic kiss and took my hand and into the bedroom we went. Again she couldn't get to my **** fast enough ! sucking me all the way into her throat, obviously practicing for Max's hugh **** ! I mounted her and ****** her missionary style which I love because I can watch my **** *******  her, watch her sexy naked body and those large **** swaying and watch her face when she **** ! She came almost right away and I was so  horny I did too. This wasn't enough for her and she told me she was till horny and started to suck my **** again till I was hard, this time she got on all 4's and asked me to mount her doggy style which I gladly did and we ****** like crazy for about  15 minutes, she came 3 times and finally I couldn't hold out any longer and came in her again !

Again she made dinner and I anxiously opened Max's email. He said that when they went outside they started necking right away, he put his hands around her waist and looked at  your sexy blouse and told her she was beautiful and as they necked more he moved his hands to her **** and started to rub them and pinch her nipples. Then he moved his hands to her *** and pulled  her into his hard **** and humped at her and she responded humping back .... he then moved his hands around and up her skirt and rubbed her **** and ***** and that he made her *** right there outside the bar. He thought that she was now ready and we set a plan for next week.

So the plan for next week, well I  was late at work and phoned my wife and told her that I had to work on a report that had to be done for tomorrow and that we would not be able to go out tonight and that I would be working till about 9 PM. I monitored my emails while at work and sure enough got one from Max which he forwarded. My wife was very disappointed and was already drinking and told him we couldn't meet him at the bar cause I was working late. She told him how horny she was for him and that she had been looking at the pictures of his hugh **** and rubbing her *****. He offered to do that for her and suggested they go out together since I was working late I would never know. He said he would pick her up in 1/2 hour and asked her to wear the same top, this time with no bra and panties which I later found out she did.

I quickly drove over to  Max's house which was the plan and he left me there while he went to pick up my wife. Little did she know that they were not going to the bar, he was to tell her it was too risky and that he had some drinks at home and to be careful they should just go there and talk and have drinks. Little did she also know that I was there and would be  watching everything that went on between them.

As planned I went out the back door when they drove up and we had left the livingroom curtains open a bit so I could see in and the sliding door open so I could hear. My **** was already so hard with anticipation of what I was about to see and I watched as they walked into the livingroom together, her a bit tipsy already and yes with that same sexy top on and no bra !  I was pleasantly shocked at how naughty she was being and even more excited of what was to come.

Max left the room and got them some drinks, not that my wife needed more but I watched as she was obsiously nervous as she downed a glass of wine in one gulp and asked Max for another. Then I watched her down that one as well and turn towards Max as he was sitting beside her on the couch. Then I watched as my wife litterally attacked Max, wrapping her arms around his  neck and giving him one of those erotic hungry kisses  ! yes they had exchanged several of these but it was the first time I had actually seen them kiss ! my **** was ready to *** already ! then I watched as he sucked her neck and his hands worked there way to her breasts and I could actually hear her moan when he touched her braless top ... Max quickly undid the buttons while kissing my wife, no resistance from her and exposed those beautiful large **** or hers and those large nipples which were already obviously excited ! then I watched as he moved down and began to suck on my wife's large nipples and again heard her moaning with pleasure. My poor **** was straining in my pants and while he moved his hand up her legs while sucking her **** and began to finger her ***** ... yes your right .. no panties ! I pulled my **** from my pants and as I saw and heard her ****** I shot a load of *** all over the side of the house !

Then I watched as Max took her hand and stood her up, and then as he slowly removed her top and skirt exposing her beautiful naked body ! as they necked again I watched her grab and fumble at his shirt buttons almost ripping it off and then pulling at his belt and pulling down his pants. when his boxers came off his **** sprung straight up  ... oh my god .. he was hugh ! I had seen Max's **** when we pissed together and knew it was hugh and he had told me he was 10 1/2 inches but I am sure it was over 11 ! I saw my wife's hand go to his **** as she slowly stroked it and heard her say to him, oh my god, your **** is hugh !!! I have waited for this for a long time. She then kissed her way down his body, not taking her hand from that ****, sucked and bit his nipples, which I love, and then work her way down to where she was on her knees and that hugh **** was in front of her mouth.

Now my wife is one of the best **** suckers I have ever experienced ! and can make me *** in no time with that hot hungry mouth of hers and I watched as she first took the hugh head of his **** into her mouth and worked her magic there first. I had told Max she was great but I don't think he really knew how good she was because he was moaning like crazy ! she worked the head of his ****, as she does mine between the roof of  her mouth and rubbing her tongue over the bottom and over the head and I thought he was going to *** right away. She then opened her mouth and throat and began to take his **** into her throat ! my wife often deap throats me and she is incredible talented but Max's **** was quite a bit larger then mine. But she was so hungry for his **** that she kept sucking it deaper down her throat till she had over half of it inside of her. I could see her throat lubricant or juices covering his **** and she continued to take it  deaper and throat **** his ****. I watched in amazement even knowing how good she is as she got every inch of his **** down her throat and  Max was litterally shaking and moaning that he was going to *** as she throat ****** his hugh ****, her throat lubricant and juices flowling from her mouth and dropping on her naked **** and then I heard him say he was ******* ! I  watched her continue to throat **** him faster and faster as he moaned louder and louder that is was ******* and as I watched him shoot a hugh load of *** down my wife's throat I shot another load of *** all over the side of the house !

Then Max and my wife had another quick drink and he took her by the hand and they walked naked to the bedroom. I simple moved around the side of the house where we had left the drapes open  for me to see and the window open for me to hear them.

I had only asked one think from Max in exchange for ******* my wife, that the first time he **** her missionary style. I love to watch my wife laying naked on her back, those beautiful large **** of her swaying as she gets ****** and her open her legs and give herself to another man !

I watched as they necked, again hungry and horny for each other .. then as Max lay on top  of my wife's naked body and she opened her legs, giving herself to him. They were still kissing as I watched and he began to work the head of his **** into my wife's ***** ! My wife has a very tight *****, never had kids and it is tight for me ... so it took Max a while to work his large **** head in there but I watched as he succeeded and slowly inch after inch began to sink it deaper into my wife's ***** then any **** had ever been before. She broke the kiss and started to moan loudly as he slowly ****** her and I  watched and heard her start her first ****** before he was even all the way into her *****. Her moans got louder and turned into screams of extacy as she  yelled that she was cuming and her body shuddered with her first ****** !

Max didn't stop ******* her, he just kept going at the same slow pace until I watched in amazement as he sunk all 11  inches of that hugh **** into my wife. Now he started to ****  her faster and I watched as she wrapped her legs around his waste and get a good hard *******. It didn't take her a couple of minutes once he was all the way in her and ******* her faster and I heard her yelling, oh my god your so ******* big, I am cuming again and I watched her have another intense ****** as Max pounded her with his hugh ****. This time Max was obviously coming and I watched him  tense and push his *** and **** into my wife and heard her scream that she could feel him cuming inside of her ! I could see his **** completely covered with her ***** juices and his *** and watched as it flowed out of her ***** and run down the side of her leg onto the bed.

Finally a bit of a break for all of us as I heard Max say he was going to get them another drink and I watched as my wife layed there in another man's bed, with that just ****** look on her  face ! her body glistening with their swet and she looked so ******* hot  I could have *** again just looking at her. When Max got back they just layed there naked and talked for a while and finished their drinks. They started to kiss again and I could tell were both getting horny again. as did I when I heard Max tell my wife to clean off his **** ! wow .. she never did that ... but I watched her move down his naked body again and start to lick and suck his soft but still hugh **** ! She not only cleaned their *** off his **** but now had it hard again and sucked it till he was moaning. Then I watched as she sat on him and mounted his ****. **** it was incredible to watch her slowly lower her stretched ***** down on that hugh **** till she had it all inside of her. She then rocked back and forth and ****** and rode him  wildly until she had another shattering ****** and collapsed on his chest kissing his face and his neck and toughing him madly ... I could see his **** still in her ***** as she leaned over him and his **** was covered with their *** and it had run all over his balls.

I thought this would be the end but once again after a bit, Max told my wife to clean off his **** again and my wife gladly sucked and licked his **** till it was hugh again and they were both ready for more ! This time my wife got on all 4's and asked him to **** her doggy style .... she didn't have to ask Max twice and he got behind her and mounted her. Again I  watched as his hugh **** inpregnated my wife's ***** .... this time there was not near as much resistance as her ***** had been obviously totally stretched out from being ****** by his hugh **** and was also lubicated by 2 hugh loads of his *** ! I watched as Max started to thrust his **** all the way in her ***** and all the way out and she came immediately moaning that she was ******* and for him to **** her faster .... Max picked up the pace and I watch him plow that hugh **** into my wife over and over for about 15 mintues. She was llike a rag doll being ****** ! During that time she got even more vocal telling him how good his big  **** felt in her and how much she loved him ******* her and had 3 more ******* before he finally emptied another load of *** into her well ****** ***** ! there was no more room and his *** shot out of her ***** as fast as it went in, running all over her ***** and legs and onto the sheets. Before getting dressed and finishing he asked her once more to clean his ****  off and she gladly sucked and licked his **** clean of their ***. Max stayed fairly soft this time though ... but can you blame him had ****** her good !

I saw her look at the alarm and say, oh god it is late I have to get home. I left and got in my car down the road and watched as they drove out of the driveway and Max drove her home. I didn't want to beat her home so I took my time and phoned her on my cell shorly after she got home and told her I was on my way.

When I got home she had cleaned off her makeup and was sitting quietly on the coach watching TV. She met me at the door, as she does with a kiss but not the hungry kind, but I had other plans and kissed  her  more running my hands over her body which was naked under her nightgown. She said she was a bit tired but I said that I had a long night at work and needed my sexy wife to help me relax and took her hand and we went to the bedroom.

I quickly removed my clothes, my **** was already hard ! then removed her nightgown and gazed at her beatufiful naked body. We kissed and I worked my way onto her breasts ... her nipples were hard and full so I  brought my mouth to them and began to suck them, remembering watching Max fondle and suck them. I moved my hand down and rubbed her **** and could feel it was very most and very hard ! Then I  started to make my way down to her ***** kissing her stomach and I could feel her body go ridget ! I thought I new why but wasn't going to miss out ! she softly told me that she didn't feel clean as she had done some housework and got swetty but I told her I didn't mind. I slowly licked at her **** which was already or still hard ! as I sucked her **** into my mouth and rubbed my tongue over it she began to losen up and opened her legs. I moved down between her legs and began to lick her ***** with long strokes all the way from her *** to her **** and yes .. I could taste their *** inside of her. This really turned me on and I drove my tongue into her ***** and began to tongue **** her and she came immediately ! then I worked my way up her body and lay naked on top of her, my **** so hard and ready and as I kissed her, now hungry mouth ... I worked my **** into her *****. WOW it is usually very tight at first and  takes me a while to get inside of her but her ***** was obviously so stretched from being ****** by Max's hugh **** and so full of *** that I easily slid all the way in as she moaned ! I have always fantasized ******* my wife after she had been ****** by another man and he had *** in her ! yes sloppy seconds ! now a reality ! It was a total different feeling, like ******* another woman's ***** and it got me so excited that I started to pump and **** her faster and faster ! watching my **** ******* her ***** and watching her naked body and ****, watching her face tighten up as she began to ****** and remembering Max ******* her I came right away and filled her ***** with a hugh load of my *** !

Then I was really surprised by her next action. She started to  kiss me and then worked her way down to my **** which was totally covered by my ***, her *** and no doubt some of Max's *** and I watched as she began to lick and clean my **** off ! something she had never done before ! but obviously so used to doing to Max all evening that without thinking she did it to me too ... This got me so horny that I got hard immediately which she noticed and then she began working my head with her throat the way she had done to Max's ****, then taking me easily all the way down her throat ! then massaging my **** head with her throat muscles and ******* me with her throat and I came again shooting a load of *** down her throat ...

I pulled her to me and kissed her deaply and  told her how sexy she was, how talented she was with that mouth of hers and how she was a complete great **** and wife ! Then we fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning we were both so horny that we ****** again, yes ******* not making love ! as if we hadn't had to go to work I am sure we would have ****** all day !

The next email I  got from Max said, I guess I don't have to tell  you what happened last night since you were watching and listening ... our deal was complete but Max told me I was a lucky man as my wife was not only the best **** sucker he could ever imagine having but that she was also the best **** he had ever had ! he asked me if he could continue to see and **** my wife and I told him as long as I got to watch and listen and he didn't do it behind my back !

My wife is now the most horny wild woman I have ever been with and I love her very much ! her and Max have met several times since and I have watched and enjoyed watching her become the sexy **** wife that I wanted and love ! Max and I took this even further but this is long enough so you will have to wait for the next erotic situation that happened with my wife, Max and ?

My wife has never said anything to me and does not have a clue that I know, watch and love it ! she has become the naughty but loving wife that I always wanted !

Thank you my dear sexy horny wife ! and my dear hung friend Max !







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Hi and thanks for your comment on my situation with getting my friend to seduce my wife, you said makes you want to do the same thing, you should do it then .. biggest turn on of my life is watching my wife seduced and ****** by other men !!! and yes it was more so when she didn't know I knew what was happening, and watching and set it up ! let me know more about you and your wife !~ and yes by all means set it up and enjoy real erotic sex watching your wife !

Great story...I like the fact she ***** him and thinks your clueless about the situation> Makes me wanna do the same with the wife. DC

I loved reading yur story as it is almost exactly what I and my buddy did with my wife. I even got to video them together on several occasions.<br />
<br />
I had managed to get my wife involved with several of my buddies and after turning her into a sex craved hot wife she began to let several of the guys at work have fun with her and on occasion at open house tours stay behind to have sex with her sales partner in the rooms of the open houses.<br />
<br />
I was hard reading your story and hard jusst think about how almost exactly haveing the same experience with my wife as you had with yours.<br />
<br />
would love to swap more detailed adventures and maybe learn a few things from you for future reference.<br />
<br />
Great story thanks for sharing.

I loved reading yur story as it is almost exactly what I and my buddy did with my wife. I even got to video them together on several occasions.<br />
<br />
I had managed to get my wife involved with several of my buddies and after turning her into a sex craved hot wife she began to let several of the guys at work have fun with her and on occasion at open house tours stay behind to have sex with her sales partner in the rooms of the open houses.<br />
<br />
I was hard reading your story and hard jusst think about how almost exactly haveing the same experience with my wife as you had with yours.<br />
<br />
would love to swap more detailed adventures and maybe learn a few things from you for future reference.<br />
<br />
Great story thanks for sharing.