Going Parking With Friends

My wife and I were teens when we married.  We had gone together and broken up a few times during the previous 3 years.  We were married about a week when she told she'd had numerous men, about 200 or so during those previous 3 years as well.  Totally blew my mind I'll tell you, however, I didn't care so much about all that because when all was said and done, she chose me.  We had really great sex all the time and almost daily. I must admit that after a while I started thinking about some of the things she told me and couldn't stop from getting aroused.  She was one sexy female and couldn't go more than a couple days without a man and she just loved to blow and **** and swallow *** as well as getting oralized herself. She had me go down on her until she came almost every time we had sex by the way, sometimes before and sometimes after *******. I just couldn't stop thinking about her with other guys and what it must have looked like or to be there.  One time when we went out, we had gone for a ride with a couple of my buddies.  We ended up parking and getting high.  My two buddies got out of the car and left me and her get in the back seat where she very dutifully sucked my ****.  My two buddies were outside the  car watching this and were all worked up.  After I came in her mouth, I got out of the car and nodded to my two buddies at which point they both got in the back seat with their dicks out.  My wife wasn't sure what to do until she looked up at me and I smiled at her and nodded.  The two guys started kissing her neck and feeling her up and she grabbed their ***** and started ******* them off.  After doing that for a while they got out the car and stretched her across the seat with one ******* her and the other holding her head down off the other side of the seat and mouth ******* her.  After they both came, we went back home after droppping our two friends off.  We talked about it on the way and she told me how much she enjoyed herself.  This was only one of many opportunities we had over the years. 

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I need a friend with a wife like her.

You'd have a lot of trouble trying to stay away...

Who would want to stay away?? ;)

Wow, what a first time, to get to see your wife with two men! Had she been with more than one man during the times you were broken up? What about you? What kind of activity did you have during the periods you two were not together?

Quite a few...I was totally awestruck at how hot she was and all the guys she had sex with. Maybe dumbstruck is a better word..And me, I only had a couple girls but stayed with them whereas my wife was playing musical *****...AND later, I couldn't get enuf of watching her being pleasured either.

It does seem hotter to hear about or watch your woman getting ****** than ******* another woman yourself,

In my case, I love to pleasure women but am obsessed with my wife. Somewhere along the line she hit my magic trigger and I don't know what or how nor do I care since she affords me such divine pleasures...

Every time I saw her ****** by a different man, it was like watching a different woman being ******. Her reaction, and her actions, were in some ways different with particular men. With one, it was like a fun **** -- recreational sex, if you would. With another man it would be pure lust. She would completely lose herself in the act of *******, and would seemly go out of her head. I didn't feel any desire for other women as I vicariously experienced what was happening to her. And if I wasn't able to watch, my imagination supplied the images.

YES! Seeing and hearing drives me crazy too...

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Good story

She loves sex!

Damn you sure have a great wife to do all this for the both of you's.

You'd like my wife too, she's always horny (teases me constantly to keep me aroused).

She sounds like my kinda lady and you'd be a great friend to have. Ilove to share my lady and be around other guys who feel the same. You want to get head or **** and your lady isn't around use mine she'll love it as much as you will.

We do love to play. This experience was fun for both of us. We were pretty high too. Wish you could have seen and heard her with two dicks in her as I did.