Nature Shows Are Great

I love watching nature shows because they show so many things you wouldn't normally see in the 'real world'. Animals going in for the kill, eating, migrating, everything is so real and natural. They do such great things on film!

JojoWazoo JojoWazoo
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6 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Yeah but you want to know what the nastiest little bugs around us are? it's those damned dust mites. The ones who live in all of your furniture, clothing beds and bedding! Nasty little critters. I am allergic to them and have to take extra precautions to keep them down in our home. :-( I hate dusting and washing the freaking linens all the time!

So cool! I love that speed up stuff they do when they show all the plants growing and the insects scurrying around - though it does make me uncomfortably aware of all the bugs around me haha!

How about when they get those tiny little cameras to go into ant hill tunnels and other critter places? That's pretty cool too

Wow thats dedication alright! I couldnt sit that long either. Jeepers.<br />
Well worth it for the viewers who get to appreciate the results though ;)

You're right. Aquatic shows are awesome too! I read that National Geographic and other wildlife photographers have to sometimes sit for up to 10 hours to get some of their still life shots! I find that AMAZING! I could never sit that long anywhere for anything!

I love how they show you life underwater :) Not just the oceans but rivers too - I always find docos on the Amazon really cool :)<br />
Wildlife photographers have such cool jobs!