The Park

I was laying in the park enjoying the wonderful weather when I saw a little girl run past. Behind her came a girl about my age puffing and gasping. She was practically circular and waddled. Her round head melted into her chins which melted into two big slabs of flab which melted into her circular stomach which was indistingushable from her hips and butt that swung as she walked. She was wearing jeans that fit her like skinny jeans and her feet bulged through the straps on her sandels. I hoisted myself onto my feet with the help of my crutches and "Walked" over to my wheelchair and began to follow at a discret distance so I could watch her move for a while longer.   
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Was the little girl fat as well.

Hey, I do the same. Sometimes I sneak a few photos on my mobile phone too.

*cough* stalker<br />

Not like that. Just so I always remember them.

imitation700mb if you wanted to remember them I think you would speak to them. What are you doing with those pictures???????Mmmhhh

I follow fat wobbly women too. In the park, the supermarked or in the street. I adore watching them waddle and wobble, ripples of fat all over. Even better when they are in a hurry. Oooh!

Women are sexy when they're huge and wobbling!

Oh man yeah!

You know it! ;)

Is this for real?


I love it!

Wow! Nice! :)