Grocery Store

I was leaving the store when this couple came in that were so perfect!As they were wearing winter clothes,I might have their weights wrong by a little,but I'll try to be as accurate as I can.
The husband was maybe 5'!0" and 200-220 pounds.Some belly and flab starting but he wasn't really too big.His wife was quite a bit shorter and heavier(maybe 5'4" and 300+,maybe 350).They were both in their mid/late 20's.They had a girl in the carriage who was fatter than both of them. Maybe 3 and 80+ pounds.I'm not sure if they had her in there so she wouldn't run off her fat or if she couldn't run or walk well.
I wonder if he was a feeder,if she was fat from being pregnant or what their situation was.
In any case,what a lucky man to have two beautiful girls like that in his life!
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Very lucky!