Not All People Appreciate The Waddle

As I have decided to try and walk a little more each day today I decided to try and walk a little more -goal of the day to walk to the mail box and back. Not difficult for most people I know but when your very heavy it takes a lot of effort. Starting off slow after ten or so steps I became a lot slower and was wheezing, my walk sways from side to side a lot because my thighs push my legs apart and my arms don't move back and forth like the average person when I walk they tend to stick out more because of the fat but I use them to help my balance. Stopping to catch my breath I noticed my neighbor at the mail box also as his is directly by mine. After seeing him gawp I continued with my journey to the mail box. I arrived and he wanted to talk as a very heavy girl this is almost impossible after exherting yourself. My neighbor looked quite concerned that I was unable to talk with him but I assured him that I would be okay once I caught my breath. After a couple of minutes we chatted I explained to him that I was fine and just trying to get a little more exercise each day.. He then asked me if I had considerered weight loss surgery & he looked suprised when I told him that I was not actually trying to lose weight but just increase my stamina.. The look he gave me was one of complete bewilderment I suppose that he can not understand that not everyone can be slim or wants to be slim. Anyway after our short chat I waddled my way back to the house and I new he was watching me in a state of confusion ha ha.
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Everything you described about the way you walk and how it effects your posture and the motions of your arms, torso, legs, etc... is hugely-beautiful to me. I've seen several people who had these same arm-moving, swaying motions, and they all made my heart flutter every time I saw them. Don't let your neighbor get you down.

Wow that is very sexy to me :)

I'd hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave! ;) lol

Ha Ha good for you girl, confusion to the enemy !!

I love extremely fat women waddling it makes me want to date them on a date and get them A LOT of food for her.

Sorry my non fluent English showed then lol.

And a lot more fat?

Me too! :)

It seems your neighbour does not understand how privileged he is to have seen such a wonderful sight.

Great experience!

I know and I'm okay with this and everyone is different, he was just trying to be helpful. I don't think he was as equally taken with my shirt riding up when I walked exposing parts of my large belly and love handles but I'm ok with this because I know other men would have found it pleasing.

Very. :)


Yes. People don't, can't, won't understand. That's fine though. You have friends that do. Just know, no matter what you do in life, not all will be on the same page. Draw strength from those who are.