Watching And Wanking - In The Hiding....

When I was younger and lived together with a girlfriend, on a Sunday afternoon she took a bath.

I dont know why, but just wanted to spy on her. So I just hid behind the door and looked into the huge bathroom mirror, which again mirrored the major part of the bathtub.
Nothing special happened and just before I wanted to leave, she stood up, soaped her **** and...started rubbing methodically and sat down again with spread legs.
Luckily, the foam was gone so I could watch every details: with one hand she pulled on her labia, while the other worked on her ****. I got rock-hard and started wanking myself, close to ******* within a minute or so....Then she rubbed more furiously, and the other hand went to her ***, putting two fingers in her sphinter, and then more and more, until it was in to the knuckles. She moaned then, a little, a ****** her ******* and rubbed her ****, her ****. I would have given something to lick now, or have her squirt in my mouth....and then I came, very intensely.

Briefly afterwards, she also came, and splashed a lot of water, due to her body moving.
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6 Responses Mar 6, 2012

;lick the juice

I love being watched as I **********....and I like to watch, too.

Great story..

any of you ladies truly interested in being watched? add me, 21M here. ad lets set something up :D

Would LOVE to have someone watch me and it would be a HOTTT turnon to watch another woman!! Plz add.

i would love to have someone watching me as i **********... even the idea makes me wet!