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As a teenager I was always attracted to girls as much or more than to boys. I also discovered the pleasures of ****** early and frequently daydreamed about my schoolmates when I was in bed and then touched myself until I came.

The summer that I turned sixteen I babysat for a divorced neighborhood woman named Ann. She was about 40 and had a five year old son. One weekend evening she was particully late coming home and her son had been asleep for hours. I was really bored and horny and had my hands inside my shorts.

Ann entered the house through the back door and I didn't hear her at all. I was almost to ****** and panting very hard when I realized that she was watching me. I jumped up and felt incredibly embarrassed but she calmed me down and assured me that ************ was very natural and that women did it all the time.

She told me that she had been out with a man who she liked very much but that he had not yet "made a move on her" and that she was feeling very "frustrated" just then herself. She showed me her vibrator and joked that she was going to settle in for some "play time" as soon as I went home.

I suddenly felt aroused again and I asked her how she used her toy. She looked at me a little funny and asked if I wanted her to show me. I tried to appear very innocent and begged her to please do so.

We went into her bedroom and she locked the door. She began to take her clothes off. I couldn't believe this was happening and my heart was pounding. Once she was naked she propped herself up in bed, smiled at me, opened her legs and began to touch herself. I stood next to her and made a point looking closely and taking her lesson seriously.

Her ***** was very hairy but her fingers almost immediately became wet and I could see her engorged labia protruding. As she reached for the vibrator I knew that I couldn't stand there and just watch. I pulled my shorts down and began rubbing myself. She turned the vibrator on and slowly inserted it as I stared. It slid in easily and emerged covered with her goo. She used two hands to gently separate her lips and expose the largest clitoris I've ever seen. She placed the vibrator along side of it, threw her head back and began to moan softly.

My fingers were now dancing all over my ***** and I was panting again. She looked at me with eyes that seemed ready to roll back in her head and asked whether I wanted to *** first or let her do it. That was too much for me. I launched into a major messy ******, grunting and spasming uncontrollably.

She slid the vibrator back into her vagina, pulled her knees up, inserted a finger into her hairy rectum and strummed her **** very hard. That took her over the top. She thrashed around in the bed for a good solid minute as the ****** shot through her.

We were both a bit embarrassed when it was all over. She threw on a robe as I yanked up my shorts. She paid me double that night and I continued to babysit at her house regularly for two more years.
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You gotta love having a job with THOSE kind of benefits!! :-)

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

that was hot!

Wow, that's one hot story!

there is nothing more erotic, sensual or beautiful than watching a women bringing herself to ******

I love to do it together with others too. Adults sharing and watching is the safe way though. Your job there babysitting was exciting at the time but seek out those of age to play with.

We have a ************ group here and several of us girls get together and have loads of such fun regularly. The youngest is 19 and the oldest lady that came to a session was over 60! I have been playing with myself as long as I can remember, way back since I was a little girl, and there were some others I could share with, no one in the adult age group was involved with us.

It is so healthy for you besides feeling so good, no matter what age you are, but staying within the laws in the interactions is the the way to go! Hope you continue to enjoy and share!