Tickled To Tears

my daugters piano teacher was very young beatiful she intoduced her date she had been seeing for a while.he looked tough but was very playful. she was beatiful but sassy . she was mad at him for some reason, he tried to cheer her up unsucscessfuly. finaly he said ,Ive had it! she ran towards the door but couldnt get out. saying ok ok . he says nope its too late. she swings at him , misses and he restrained her .she yells dont tickle me im gonna punch you. hedoes it any way . she was squirming and laughing , punching and trying to get out the door. mean while while on the carpet squirmin her heels come off and he traped her feet, her daughter who was 7 tried to help. . it was fun to watch cause shes so sophisticated ive never see her so wild and un graceful. by the way she had on stockings . she laughed so hard she had tears in her eyes . finaly my wife said thats enough you guys chill out. and she puched him and says you know i hate that wheres my shoe
22-25, M
Dec 6, 2012