My Wife Can ****** From Being Tied And Tickled

My wife has been into bondage for quite a while and has liked being bound and spanked before we ever met. She can have multiple ******* from many types of stimulation once she is tied. As we got to know each other better over time I started experimenting with various means of stimulation once she is tied down.

She enjoys being spanked and came the first time I put her over my knee and spanked her bare ***. Then I found out that when she was bound and helpless she orgasmed even easier. I could just talk about the things that I could do to her when she was tied and she would have an ****** just thinking about it without any physical stimulation. She enjoys being stimulated with vibrators and ****** while being restrained. I found out that I could make *** when she was bound tightly with her arms over her head and a vibrator on her **** then I took my other hand and softly drew my fingertips down her inner arm and though her armpit she had an extreme ******. We experimented with more tickling as time went on and found out that she could *** just from tickling; either her underarms or around her waist. I even went on to stimulating her with a vibrator and as she was about to ****** I tickled her foot and she shuddered to an extreme ******. Her feet were ticklish, so much so that she had never wanted anyone to touch them while she was tied up but she trusted me enough to let it happen. Even now she doesn’t like to have her feet tickled unless she is already horny and had some *******. It is very stimulating to have her tied, tickle her, and bring her to multiple *******.
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you are a very lucky man

You have a special wife......Tell her hi from me