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I am a fan of Nancy Grace on Facebook.  Lately, everytime Elin Nordegren or Tiger Woods breathes, the show posts an update about it.  Well, the fans of her page leave hundreds and hundreds of comments whining and stuff about how they don't want to hear about Tiger anymore.

I think this is hilarious for a few reasons.

  1. I can 99.9% guarantee that Nancy DOES NOT go onto that Facebook and check comments.  Someone else posts that stuff, and they most likely don't read the comments either.
  2. This is her job!  If she wants to make money she's got to talk about what makes her ratings go up.  Obviously, her ratings are high due to this topic, so the longer everyone tunes in, the more she's going to talk about Tiger.
  3. Also, no one is holding a gun to these people's heads and telling them not to delete Nancy on Facebook and stop watching her show.

I thoroughly enjoy watching the bickering that goes on in that board.  Yeah, I'm sick of Tiger too, but not dumb enough to spend HOURS per day talking to Nancy's fan page, when I am old enough to know she's too busy to check it!

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2 Responses Dec 23, 2009

I don't watch much tv, but from what I HAVE seen of her it would seem to me that Nancy Grace-less is a very vindictive broad with a demeanor much like a "professional wrestler" on WWE ready to turn the public into a pack of mad dogs at the drop of a hat. That's pretty dangerous if you ask me.

lol, i can relate to this--i am also very amused by mindless online bickering such as this. it's hilarious to see how much time people spend typing stuff that really adds up to nothing at all. in the time it takes them to leave those comments they could've forgotten the whole thing and moved on with their lives already.