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Complicated is not what I choose to be, it is a series of experiences that have impacted me. Curiosity is something I sought to heal so many open places inside that others cannot easily see. My own perceptions faulty and lacking have impacted my progression, thus causing me to slip into a continual state of regression leading to the bowels of depression. Now the journey to redemption is not an easy task to bring about ones equilibrium. The battle with the mind is a constant endeavor, not for the faint of heart or for those who think they are clever. Memories planted through carelessness had almost left me in distress I must confess. Though the mind does not intentionally try to be cruel, its design is divine, but I was as a mule. So slow to learn, from past mistakes I paid the price everyday I would wake, because you see perceptions have buried their seeds thus resulting in unfortunate deeds. I now take a stand to battle myself, to bury new seeds that give me hope and leaves me feeling afresh. Old memories must be dug out from the cavernous annals of ones mind, and for this I realize that it will take time. Though the flow is slow to begin I cannot endure the old perceptions for they do seem to borough which ultimately leaves one in state of constant sorrow. I'm up for the fight with all my might though complicated I still may somtimes project, but through grace and mercy will have the victory yet.
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u sound like you have suffered a traumatic event in your past...u can send me a private message if you want 2 talk more about it...whatever it says, maybe u can process it with me")

Thank you.

WOW . . . impressive . . . excellent piece of writting . . . damn that was great . . . wishing you victory . . . I am stilled wowed . . . thank you for sharing this . . .

Peeling back the layers my dear, in order to let the sunshine in.

very cool . . . 8D . . . wishing you many sunny days my friend . . .

Sun is bright today, in Philly with boyfriend and his family for the holidays. Hope you have a wonderful bird day as well with your family.

very nice . . . and thank you . . . wishing you and yours a Happy Turkey Day . . . gobel . . gobel . . gobel . . . hahahaha . . . yeah . . . I am a nut . . . 8D . . . gotta laugh . . .

Yep, gotta laugh.....

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