On The Top Of Mauna Kea

For those of you that don't know where Mauna Kea is, it's on the island of Hawaii...also known as the Big Island. There are huge telescopes up there looking up in the stars and it's supposed to be one of the best places to see the stars because of the clarity of the sky. I was there one night looking up at the stars. I do not believe I've ever seen anything more magnificent. The stars shined so brightly and clear that I felt infinitely small...like I was in outer space. For a brief moment, in the chilled air, time stands still. I get lost with every twinkle and the many shooting stars I see crossing the night's sky. Call me a dreamer...but you can lose yourself under the stars. That's why I think so many cultures looked up at the stars... they were just too beautiful not to look at. Whenever I get a chance to go back, I always take a moment to look up at the stars and appreciate them.
UpOnDaRoof UpOnDaRoof
36-40, M
Nov 26, 2012