She Rented Me An Exotic Dancer!

Several dozen years ago, a mutual friend realized that my friend Donny (of Donny & Inez) and I both had birthdays in the same month. As a result, she wanted to do something shocking, daring, unusual to help us celebrate, and she hatched a plan to "get us".

Without spilling the beans, she invited me, Donny, Inez and a few others to her house for a combination birthday dinner party. She said we'd have some snacks, go see a movie, return to her house, and have a late light dinner. She made it sound like it was in honor of both Donny and myself, and that they really wanted me to drive the 90 minutes up to the capital city and spend the evening with them.

This was just a little unusual that they wanted to honor us, but not unusual for us to plan to spend an evening at a movie, or playing drinking games or having me crash on Donny's couch, etc. So, I said yes.

The night of the event, I'm pretty sure it was a weekend half way between our birthdays, or close to Donny's.... I drove up and arrived on time. I was admitted, and found that they had set the table with a nice table cloth. I was told where to sit, so that they could serve us, and a big fuss was made that Donny was on my right and his girl Inez was across from him. My hostess was on the end of the table and another friend was to my left.

After ten or fifteen minutes of chatting, eating chips and waiting the hostess said we were waiting for another guest to arrive.   There was a knock at the front door, and my host's mother said she'd get it. My back was to the living room, as was Donny's. In retrospect, I heard something rattling or ringing as the screen door was opened, and someone was admitted to the house. There was some rustling, and as I recall, my hostess spoke up and tried to raiser her voice about something she thought we were interested in. Now, I realize she was attempting to cover the sound of the ringing of bells and the entry of the belly dancer. It worked. I had NO idea and made no effort to turn around at all.

I think the hostess said something to the effect that our special guest of honor had arrived, and we turned to see this tall, skinny beauty, with veils, symbols, gold trim and scarlet headdress standing in the living room, approaching us. Our hostess must have been pointing to the two men at the table saying something silent like, "it's these two, honey!"

The dancer had put down her cassette player/boom box, and punched "play", allowing the music to start and the gyrations to begin. I was amused, not the least amount embarrassed, as she shook and gyrated, danced and moved hypnotically. Donny, I could tell, was a bit taken aback, and he switched seats to face her better, and she closed in on him, dancing seductively. He reacted and she danced closer.  She wound a scarf behind his head, along his neck and shoulders, as she shook her bosom in his face, and leaned backwards, jutting them up and into his face. Donny's girlfriend laughed and hooted, as he looked around uncomfortably 'cause he didn't know what to do.  Donny's face had turned bright red, and I asked him if he was alright, that he looked like she was getting to him.  I asked him if he wanted some water, and he gratefully accepted a glass that was offered to him. He drank a lot down.
The dancer offered him the end of a scarf which he held and she twirled unwrapping her shoulders, and then took it from him.

Then it was my turn. She turned after this 3 or 4 minute performance, and proceeded to do the same for me. I looked her straight in the eye and when she offered her bosom, I looked down into the cleavage and over her gyrating body without batting an eye. I knew that this was all designed to unnerve me or the male, and I was determined to pay respect to the dancer and her culture. I worked in Detroit and the multi-culture nature of the city demanded that one treat others with respect and not insult unintentionally.  I must admit, I was not the least bit aroused, as I saw what was coming, and I knew this was all artistry, dance, and in no way was nor could become sexual.  I just instinctively KNEW that my hostess was trying to get me aroused and bothered. Like Donny.

As she finished her dance, which was virtually identical to Donny's, she bowed and we applauded. I complimented her and thanked her, and Donny stammered his thanks, trying not to be outdone. (I had the advantage of having seen what she was going to do to him first.) The hostess slipped the dancer an envelope and thanked her warmly for being on time and and so professional. I agreed, and cautioned her about catching cold as she wrapped a parka around her and slipped back out the front door to much ringing and chiming of her bells.

The hostess had been SO concerned that we were going to hear her enter and turn, but was delighted that we hadn't. She was surprised that I had not registered surprise, but then, I saw where this was going, and I knew she was trying to "get my goat", so I played along and stared everywhere I was offered.

Finally, as Donny came back to my side of the table and pulled his chair up, I said, "Well that's a birthday to remember, eh Donny?" and clapped him on the shoulder. He was wearing a blue-gray sweater vest over a plaid cotton shirt, smart but not showy... but to my great surprise, as I clapped him on the back and shoulder, I felt how wet he was! Now THAT caught me off guard, as I realized, Donny was DRENCHED! Not just a little warm, his face was very red, and he had totally sweat out his shirt and soaked his sweater vest as well.

I pushed back my chair and exclaimed in mock surprise, "My God, Donny, you're dripping wet! She must have really gotten to you!" He blushed again, and tried to ignore my comment, as I looked around the table, and spied Inez nodding in agreement (it was a knowing smile- she must know how he sweats when turned on!)  and everyone was laughing. I think Donny was truly embarrassed that I had called attention to it, but I was unmoved while he had virtually come unglued.

I've never forgotten this, as a belly dance is not something easily dismissed, but Donny's involuntary reaction to sweat like a stuck pig has remained with me for years and years. Over the decades, I remember how he had become aroused and sweat involuntarily, and I've always remembered that some men just can't control their response. They come unglued by a semi-naked woman's wiles.

Several other times in the future, when Donny and Inez would make love in the same room as me, or when they were going at it in the next bedroom, I would remember this, and wonder what true sex was like for him, this quiet, loyal, macho man that I had befriended.

Somehow, I think I knew what Inez knew, but in a different way. She knew just how to get to him.
They were married a few years later, and she proved it. She bore him two daughters. They are very happy together.
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Wow! Donny got turned on totally! I would have too if I was there!

I'm not certain why I didn't. Maybe because I knew that they were trying to get to me, and I could hold myself above and detached from it. Ya'know?