...and Showing My Wife ************

I posted this elsewhere, but this seemed like a good place too. Our neighbors were going on vacation, and asked if we would keep an eye on the place and feed the dog. The wheels were spinning at this opportunity. My wife has blonde hair, but, our neighbor has dark hair. I had her buy a cheap dark wig and put it on. Then I had her open all the curtains at the back of the house. The property goes uphill, and there is a house at the top. It was on the day we knew the gardener’s would be at the top. She ******** nude, and did a little housework. I was at our house watching through the curtains (although I couldn’t see her at all). One of them noticed as he was trimming a tree and watched as much as he could. I was ready to explode!

The next week, same thing. Only this time, I had a better idea. You can see into their bedroom, and the bed is positioned so that if you were lying on it with the curtains open, anybody at the top of the hill could see inside but, her face would not be looking at them (so she could be watched by them “surreptitiously”). I asked if she would lie down on the bed and ********** for them. I would have loved to have her on the phone while it was going on, but, when she masturbates, she doesn’t like to talk (she finds it distracting). A couple of drinks and she was ready. She lay there with one hand on her **** and the other flicking one of her nipples. She took her time, and, although I couldn’t see her, I know how she comes. She tenses up and shudders (I love to watch)! The gardener had positioned himself behind a tree, so he couldn’t be seen from above, and he was rubbing his pants good and hard. I suppose he had some splainin’ to do when he got home if he came in his pants.

We'll share what we're planning for their next vacation another time,
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26-30, M
Jul 15, 2010