Hammer It Baby!

I used to live and work at an apartment complex in my home town.Real handy at times.Step out my door,Im at work.Going home for lunch,no problem!One hot summer afternoon I found my self in want of a Coke so I slipped into my apartment to get one out of the fridge.Upon entering,I heard moans of pleasure coming from the bedroom.I went in to find my girlfriend Sheena ************ under the covers!
"Hi Baby",she said,"Im sorry,I just suddenly got so horny'!
"Im suddenly a bit horny myself! Dont stop",I told Her as i whipped it out!
"Im not using my hand",She said.
My jaw dropped as I watched Her throw the blanket off of herself and slowly
pull one of my hammers out of herself! The handle glistened with her juices! I knew I didnt have much time and should be getting back to work but, I started stroking myself watching and waiting.Finaly as Sheena started to orgasam,I stepped closer as I sprayed my *** all over her **** and face!
Zipping myself self back up I kissed Her." I love You",I told Her,"I hope You stay in this mood all day"!
   She did.

The1960texan The1960texan
51-55, M
Dec 6, 2012