My Wife Wont Touch Herself

My poor sweet wife is so self conscious, I can't get her to touch herself. She has overcome many inhibitions, but so far she won't do it. She loves watching me make myself ***. Soon I hope she'll give in and pleasure herself. I can't imagine she doesn't at least do it privately, but she swears she hasn't ever. Well, I still fantasize that she does it in the shower and when I hear her in there every little breath I hear turns me on. Many times I've *********** imagining she was too. I so hope she does it for herself soon...her ***** gets so wet and her **** is very large and gets so hard when she ****...she'll amaze herself. Once she does it she'll want to all the time...then she'll be complete. (Well, until I get her lesbian friend to join us someday... always something else, right)?
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Initially my wife was the same. She is not keen to touch herself. Then whenever we had sex and I feel that she is near climax, I always talk how sexy she is. This is the only time she will listen to me. I encourage her to feel her breast, squeeze them hard, circle her aerola with her fingers and pinch her nipples hard. At times I asked her to lightly brush her clits and she went over the hill. She will self touch when she near climax. Then when she had ******, she feel slowly does these herself.

It is such a great pity that your dear wife does not experience the joys of self love. A variety of reasons could be contributing to her reluctance to ********** in front of you or mutually ************ with you. In brief these are some of the most common reasons giving rise to a woman's reluctance to ********** >

1. Dirty Girl Syndrome: These are the women who think that if they touch themselves, it means they’re dirty or slutty;

2. Addicted to Self-Love Syndrome: There are those who can’t help but think that if they get into the mode of ************, they’ll become addicted to it and won’t be able to stop;

3. All Or Nothing Syndrome: “If I **********, I won’t be able to come any other way.” These are the people who fail to understand balance in their sex life;

4. Obligation to Partner: These are the ones who think they have to save their excitement for their partner;

5. It’s a Substitute for Sex: These are the women who don’t realize that ************ influences a lot of who we are as lovers, what we’re willing to try, what our confidence level is with ourselves, our bodies, and our performances;

6. Shyness and embarrassment with ************;

7. Guilt syndrome;

Possibly some of these reasons maybe a factor in your wifes case. Have you tried to get your wife to touch herself during heightened sexual relations with you ! You can say lots of loving yet very sexual things to her during sex such as how you fantasize about her ************, how the throught of her ************ turns you on, and when you are ************ for her tell her how much you think of her playing with herself which inspires your solo ************. Work at allaying her concerns about her self consciousness and her many inhibitions. Tell her sex between a married couple realistically and ideally should not have any boundaries and if their is such as with ************ they need to be addressed. Moreover, discuss with her those many inhibitions which i suspect you may know already.

I hope my reply is of some help to you. All the best. Fontana

I suspected your wife may have a correlation to Dirty Girl Syndrome. Insofar as overcoming such a syndrome is concerned your good wife needs to understand ************ is normal and healthy, that many young girls and woman practice ************ for personal gratification, release, maintainance of good physical, sexual and mental health. Further, to explore and enjoy their own body without or in conjunction with a partner. And to give their partner the thrill, excitement and stimulation of seeing her enjoying the pleasures of self love.

Your wife may very well ask you ''Why **********''?

In response you could say the main reason a woman should ********** is because it feels good. Women with strong sex drives may ********** frequently, but a woman should not forgo ************ just because she does not have a strong sex drive. Even if she has no desire for partner sex, she should still enjoy giving herself pleasure. The fact that pre-adolescent girls ********** proves that hormonally induced sex drives are not the only reason to **********; young girls do it for no other reason than it feels good. There is nothing wrong with a woman giving herself pleasure on a daily basis, or as often as she desires. For ************ to be pleasurable it does not have to end in ******. ************ may involve nothing more than placing her hands against her vulva when she goes to sleep at night, simply because it feels good.

Perhaps try talking her through ************ during foreplay and concentrate on nothing other than ************. She can start by touching her breasts first then slowly progress to her vagina. Continue to softly reassure her how beautiful and sexy she is as she does it and encourage her as the intensity rises. Finally recommend she read up on female ************ which may give her confidence that experimenting with ************ is definitely not dirty and that seeing her ********** will enhance your own personal enjoyment and desire for her.

Good luck i hope i am being helpful.

Delighted to hear that. Continue your efforts, don't rush her but allow her with your support to progress slowly. Once she gives herself her first ****** she should find it easier and feel much more comfortable about touching herself intimately. During foreplay guide her hand gently to her vagina.

Even if she's liquored up a bit? What's up with that? Is she Catholic or Baptist, or something like that?

Will she watch **** with you? Maybe if she sees someone else - especially an amateur - doing what you describe?