Watching My Sister Go

I grew up in a house with no lock on the bathroom door.

My father grew up on a dirt-poor Depression-era farm with 5 sisters and 2 brothers and a 2-seater outhouse. The rules at our house were if you were doing something like brushing your teeth you left the bathroom door open, if you were bathing you left it off the latch in case someone needed to use the toilet, and if you needed privacy you closed the door, but someone could still walk in if they needed to brush their teeth. Dad always left the door wide-open and the stink kept everyone else away. Mom was an only child and preferred privacy. And I loved seeing my sister in the tub or on the toilet.

When we lived together in college, we shared the bathroom in the morning. I was on extended final probation, which meant if I flunked out I would die in Vietnam, and I couldn't be late for classes just because she was having a bad-hair day. One morning I was at the sink sneaking a peek while she peed and she said, "Why don't you take a picture, it will last longer," and I said, "Okay, where's the camera?"

Seeing her hairy ***** was the important thing, not that she was on the toilet, but the 2 went together and I was turned on by it. When we began fooling around I loved to accompany her to the bathroom and watch her pee while I played with my penis. I had to beg, but she would come her big bush away from her slit with her fingers so I could see it squirt pee. For a long time those were the only times I got to see her puss.

I still love to watch!
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Apr 8, 2012