My Wife Loves Her Toys.

My wife has 3 vibrators and loves playing with them even when I am not around.
When I am not around she will video herself stuffing one or two in her and send the videos to my phone. God I get so instantly hard when she does this. I have asked her to get someone to film for her or give her a hand, she gets so horny and says she will one day, but says that I would not be able to handle it. I have said that I can arrange this for her if she has the bottle.

When I am around, she loves to use the vibe on her **** before inserting all the way and then sucking off her own juices. This turns me on and I can never last too long when she does this. I tell her that she needs more than one **** to satisfy her and she agrees. I get her to pretend that she is sucking another **** and you should see her go.

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4 Responses Feb 16, 2011

It is very hot watching them at play. I also enjoy using a didlo on my wife as she is using her vibrator on her ****. I always image it is some other guy sliding in and out of her!

I would love to watch her - have you ever thought of going on webcam on Yahoo messenger,Skype or one of the many sites where couples n singles show off? <br />
She wouldn't need to show her face and I'm sure you'd both get very turned on knowing guys (and gals) were getting off to her.<br />
Happy to share the names of sites if you're interested.

sexiest thing in the world!!!!!!

i do like women who play her ****** or vibrators.