Watchmen is a fascinating piece of story telling.  If you haven’t read it, stop here and go and buy it.  This story takes the fun out of being a super hero.  If there truly was a “superman” he wouldn’t be stopping crime on Main and 1st, he would be a source of panic and jealousy.   He, she, or it would be one more commodity to fight and negotiate over.  The obvious question that Moore wants you to think about is whether the ends justify the means.   I am like Rorschach.  The ends never justify the means and the only thing that has merit in this world is knowing your own rules of engagement and following them.  He knew he couldn’t go on living if he had to compromise what he believed and he chose to dies instead.  God, I love Rorschach.  He is the ultimate hero in my mind. 

You ever notice how there are people “types”?  You see a girl with poofy hair and a tight band shirt on and you think “stuck in the 80’s”.  You see a guy in cowboy boots and jeans so tight you can tell if he still has both of his balls and you think “country”.  Well, the characters in Watchmen are no different, actually are any human characters truly unique.

Ozy is the ultimate fanatic.  He doesn’t follow a specific religion but he has the all too common trait of thinking he knows what is best for everyone and then forcing it upon them.  This is different from Rorschach in that Rorschach doesn’t force everyone to think like himself.  Then you have Nite Owl and Laurie, both of which embody the most common human nature.  They don’t believe the ends justify the means, but accept what is done because they like the outcome.  Truth doesn’t matter and they like the short order fix.  They will go on and live their little happy life knowing full well that the problem isn’t truly solved.  The only thing that would ever solve it would be for all of humanity to evolve to a new type of being, a world of Dr. Manhattan’s.  The other option would be to find a new enemy or fear to unite over.  Perhaps fear of death will always be enough to keep us from pushing the button, but I doubt it.  That kind of fear isn’t strong enough.  Damn, where are the Vulcans when you need them.  

The movie was better than I expected.  They did the best they could with what they were trying to do.  As I walked out I was trying to figure out how a man that worships a snake could have one of the keenest understandings of humanity.  This world is a mysterious place.

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I agree. Rorschach, god how I love him. I understand him in so many ways. He's amazing, a masterpiece. He's the hero, in my opinion. Awesomeness..

The question of honesty being best is perpetual. I am glad you enjoyed it and it is a lot more than just entertainment.

Hey we just got back, we were the ones that were "watching the Watchmen". I'm impressed. There is a lot of philosophy and examination of morals and society in this movie. I had no idea it was going to be so long, though, lol. I was fine, but my pregnant wife struggled more than me to stay comfy. She's getting to the point where she needs to recline. <br />
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I agree with your sentiment that Rorschach was truly a hero, despite his faults and his worldview that would probably cause him to hate my opinions. He truly had the courage of his convictions. <br />
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I think you're too hard on Owl and Laurie. I think they try to work towards the greater good and just do the best they can. It makes you ask yourself if honesty is always the best policy.

wow, I had no idea he was a comedian as well! Despite the fact that he didn't approve of the movie, I'll always be thankful to him for V for Vendetta, because I certainly DID enjoy that movie.

That little piece of knowledge makes me feel better. :)<br />
My brother watched "The Mindscape of Alan Moore" and become convinced that the snake worship is all for show. It may be true.

RE: Snake Magic, I read this priceless piece from an interview Moore did with EW:<br />
<br />
<b>How did you first get into it? </b><br />
I was turning 40 and thinking, <i>Oh dear, I'm probably going to have one of those midlife crisis things which always just bore the hell out of everybody. So it would probably be better if, rather than just having a midlife crisis, I just went completely screaming mad and declared myself to be a magician. That would, at least, be more colorful</i><br />
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I love this man.

Are you serious V???? You did that on purpose. Crazy Man

lol, I confess. I did it on purpose. I saw that one coming. I'm evil.

I would always say a graphic novel.

Is it correct to describe it as an adults comic book tale?

Oh Shuttie V :P<br />
I was just saying that you can enjoy one aspect of a person without feeling they represent you entirely.

He is very Ayn Randy isn't he? lol

Ozy is the one that believes the ends justify the means. Well, at least he thinks he does. He has to ask Dr. Manhattan for recognition that he is correct in the end. He doesn't get that reassurance. Rorschach has a very different view of personal morals than I do, but we agree that they should never be compromised. It is similar to the way that I love Ayn Rand's stories but disagree completely on human nature and what constitutes an ideal society.

I didn't read the graphic novel, but I thought I knew the story. Apparently not, since from what I knew I thought Rorschach WAS the one that thought the ends justified the means, which is why he did what he did. I must have the storyline mixed up though, I'll have to read it and watch it.<br />
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Also, it seems that even though I would admire him for his convictions, I would probably disagree with everything that he stood for. Of course, this is based on my admittedly very limited knowledge of the story/characters.