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I Absolutely Love Water And Am So Glad I Do

Not only is it healthy to drink a lot of water (not to drown yourself though) it's also refreshing, great for the skin, flushing out toxins, most people walk around dehydrated and don't even know it, but I even like the taste.

I don't like tap, unless it's well water or spring water in the mountains. I live in the mountains but the water on tap doesn't taste that great so I buy bottled water. I can easily go through 2 cases in a month.

I also drink a bit of coffee and tea too but my staple is water.

Forget soda, I would rather have water anyday!
Kindal Kindal 46-50, F 6 Responses Jun 18, 2010

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glenara, thanks for commenting. Water is healing. Imagine if we didn't have it, guess we wouldn't be around long.

You live in the mountains - that sounds great. I enjoy drinking water and the tap water here is ok. Also water is amazingly healing a doctor who was imprisoned used it to help cure other prisoners of their complaints and diseases. By use of timing and quantities. It helps muscles recover quickly from unaccustomed activity like gardening.

Luv...I like lemonaide too but sugar free. I don't like all the sugar in my body. But I cannot drink crystal light for some reason gives me major heart burn. I like to make my own lemonaide with fresh lemons, water and splenda and ice :) Water is very refreshing my friend, especially in summer. Hugs.

Cold water is very refreshing. I like lemonade and iced tea as well. :)

I like iced tea too my friend :)

*cheers ice cold n squeeze of lemon.. :-)) gave up soda yrs ago too.........many things u can do with of ice tea..