The Most Powerful Of The Five Elements

There are five elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. When i think about it, the element Water can control, destory the other elements.

Water will penetrate Wood, making it useless, will cause rottening, water-log it.
Water will stop Fire in its tracks. The hottest and fierces of elements, being cooled by a gentler element.
Water can move the very depths of Earth. Rearrange Earth to suit its flow. One drop of Water, over time can crave a hole in soild stone.
Water will take Metal and rust it out till the stength of the Metal is no longer there.

There is nothing softer or more yeilding than Water, but none is superior to it in
overcoming the hard; it has no equal.
Weakness overcomes strength and gentleness overcomes rigidity.
Everyone know this, yet no one puts it into prctice. ~Lao Tzu
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Jan 22, 2012