I Can't Stand This Guy At Work!

This guy is seriously rubbing everyone at work  the wrong way.  He tries so hard to start up a convo the minute he sees me sit at my desk, and when I try to sit as far away from him as possible, he will switch desks to sit closer to me. There's really no way to avoid him, and its's not just me he's annoying, he's been harassing every girl at the office, ya he mostly talks to girls, which makes me thinks he's trying so hard to hook up with someone from the office, so he can go and brag to the guys at work. I dont know, he gives off this douchey, sleazy vibe that just ****** me off, and I try so hard not to be directly rude to him, i just want to be polite, no matter how much I can't stand him.
He doesnt even know how to talk to girls, whenever he talks, its like verbal diarhea and he just ends up offending every girl around the office, one time, he said I was anti social in front of other coworkers, I just smiled and brushed it off. He  told this girl that she was stuck up because she ignored him every time he spoke to her, oh, and he also told our supervisor that she looked like snooki from the jersey shore. seriously, Im surprised this guy hasnt been fired yet! seriously,He insists on inviting all the girls at the office to parties in his "studio" on the weekend, even if he gets turned away every time, he offered this other girl one on one "guitar lessons" (yikes), and now he's just known as "that annoying guy" at work. and no matter how many times I ignore him, he keeps crawling back. help!!
nassyga nassyga
18-21, F
Mar 31, 2012