Interfacial Water : The Water And Its Many Surprises

Interfacial Water - the liquid crystaline water

Its a new discovery with tremendous promises for the future!
Strangely no one seams to know about!

Imagine if water had far more possibilities we had imagined?

Liquid crystaline water is present in every living cell.
It cannot be found "free" like in a stream.
another name for it is "contained water"
It forms linked to a "facial surface" of certain properties.

When organised in "liquid crystaline" structure, the water gets incerdible properties!

First, when in the liquid crystaline phase, it cannot contain anything but water.

Secondly it can create electricity from light!

Do you see, right here in those two properties what I see?

I see in those two properties, resolution to almost all the problem of mandkind...

the first property says that it cannot containt anything but water when in the liquid crystaline state... ok then imagine you make water briefly turn into that state, you have just completely purified it.....

you could even take out the salt and desalinize it....

to give water to the thirsty...
to make paradise (and mostly food) out of desert land...

with the second property you can have free energy from the sun that can be used for the above idea of desalinating water or else.....

the only problem is to find excalty HOW! so go kids, go study water its the future!

that was for the technology aspect...

now for the biological...lets not forget, we, like all life on earth are in great part constituated of water.
like I said earlier, there is interfacial, liquid crystaline water in every living cell.

Liquid crystaline water can absorb energy from the sun, could this explain photosynthesis?? photosynthesis was until now a complete mystery!

Some say that this relation of water and energy from the sun may well help to explain the early beguining of life.

And into us? what does this incredible water does in us? You have in you, water that reacts with the energy from the sun. Who knows what incredible properties liquid crystaline water has in us?

there is so many things to be discovered about water yet!
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