Before I go to sleep I would like to express my burning hatred for coconut water.

It is very disgusting.
Like clear puke.
Never ever ever drink it unless you would like to cause pain and suffering and misery to your taste buds and have your very soul and inner being die from its horribleness.

To those of you who LIKE it:
I truly admire you.
I honestly truly admire anyone who can have the strength and numbness in taste to even be able to have the tiniest bit of that despicable nastiness.

That is all.
lilyap lilyap
16-17, F
5 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Coconut water is delicious and is very good for you.

it depends on the water, its taste, and its clearness unless its mixed with coolaids or things like it. baby glp. besides with out water we got no iced tea, no coffee, nor and cooked steamed foods we enjoy today.

Haha I'm glad you admire me then. Coconut water is pretty freakin awesome!

Same! I drink way more than the daily recommended amount. My doctor was actually surprised. :L

Hahaha :/