An Unforgettable Sight........

I long for spring and waterfalls.
A magnificent sight of beauty and grace,
It calms the soul when you get to see it face to face..

Cascading down from high above.
The view itself is so breathtaking,
Perfect and flawless,  oh simply amazing.

The sound as deafening as thunder,
Yet a serene beauty roaring with power.

White and glowing, an angelical formation,
A captivating image, filling me with emotion.

It's striking image on a starry night,
What a dazzling and glowing sight.

Flowers in the vicinity add to the beauty,
So colorful, so vibrant and ever so pretty.

Crystal clear waters glowing with purity,
A splash on one's face makes you feel cool and recharged with energy.

A dazzling waterfall, a beauty of nature.
Serene yet powerful, a sight to capture.......

Enjoy the beauty that nature brings..:):)

lexuslourve lexuslourve
41-45, F
2 Responses Mar 26, 2012

Very beautiful poem by a talented young lady ;O)

Thank you sweet old man..*giggles*..glad you liked it..:)

You are welcome young lady ;O)

Very Beautiful,it amazes me how you always find the perfect video for your stories and poems.

*Giggles*...thanks dear...well let's just say I do a lot of homework!! you liked it..:)