Majestic Waterfall

Awww I just love waterfalls!

There is something so magical and special about the crashing sound of the water as it cascades into the river. The strength, power, and majesty of it all!

I grew up in the mountains and have seen this beauty firsthand.........:)

It truly is an Awesome sight to behold!


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6 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Ooh Bushkill Falls sounds lovely!! :)

Near where I live they have a place called Bushkill Falls. It has several waterfalls and you can picnic there and go hiking through the many trails. It's a big tourist attraction.

OH really?! How cool.<br />
<br />
Ya, you would definitely appreciate it more as you get older.<br />
I saw the Grand Canyon when I was a kid and wish I could see it again as an adult!

Did the Niagra Falls trip many years ago. I was just a kid then and didn't understand the beauty of nature.

Oh yes. There's nothing like standing next to one though! <br />
<br />
My dream is to visit Niagra Falls!! *sigh*

They make a beautiful picture postcard.