Mariano's Ices

The Mariano brand of Italian ices (in a cup) had suffered partial melting, the result being that the syrupy liquid flows to the bottom of the cup and refroze. I love that crusty syrupy bottom, and I believe they make it a feature of the product. I love all their flavors: lemon, chocolate, orange, even cherry (which reminds me of medicine). But most of all, I love their watermelon ices.

Watermelon reminds me of summer; I am not a summer person. I hate being warm and double hate the humidity. But watermelon made summers tolerable for me, for that's when it's at its most delicious. Taking big, greedy bites of thick slices is a sensory treat -- the graininess of a perfectly ripened specimen, the snap of strategic mouthful, the juiciness so wet that I don't need to drink water for the whole day, the luscious flavor, the coldness of a watermelon stored in a shady spot in the running creek ...

Perhaps it reminds me of an imagined youth. The ices are reminiscent of the original fruit, but I only eat the ices when watermelon is out of season. And being that I love cooler and colder weather, I love that my Italian ice season is during non-summer.

I love scraping downward till only half the ices are left, then I flip the icy disk upside down and savor the crusty syrupy bottom. It's a private moment; those who do not understand my obsession are best suited to going away for the few minutes I'm concentrating on my ice. To watch me might disturb them. ;)
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supermandc, you know you love 'em too!