I Heart Watermelon

I love love love watermelon.  If I get my hands on a sweet one....it's a gonner.  I'm even ashamed to admit that I don't share....with my kids.lol  My husband could care less about watermelon but my kids love watermelon like I do.  I'll slice one up and leave it in a huge container in the fridge, my kids will start munching on it and when it seems to be almost gone, I'll tell them the rest if for me.  I'm a bad mommy, I know.  I used to eat watermelon til my stomach hurt when I was little. 

Queen82 Queen82
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 16, 2009

ME TOO!!!!! My mom use to cut it and half and I got a half side to myself! I haven't had a good one n awhile. Sigh. Oh darn now I'm craving some yummy juicy watermelon!