Fried watermelon rind.  watermelon wine, watermelon ice cream and bubble gum, watermelon cubed, sliced, diced, mushed and mashed, watermelon hot and cold, new and old, frozen cubes of melon, yellow melons, and red, right of the vine and cold cold cold.  Little melons, big ones, in between, fat and skinny ones.  I love watermelon.  Eat it with your hands drink it from a glass, use a fork, a spoon, a knife of chopsticks.   Eat it in a fruit salad, pickled, with salt or pepper.  Hmmmmm - I think I will go to the store right now.  Bye.

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I'm one of those city people, you gotta have some strong stuff to kick me hard enough, to make me fall down! LOL <br />
I think I'll try it your way first.<br />
Pineapple wine sounds good. I love pineapples, but they don't love me. I'm allergic to them. My mouth swells and burns after eating pineapple.<br />
I know a guy who makes peach wine. I don't really care for the taste of peaches though!

Boarderline - I guess it would be all right to put some extra in. I don't know what it would do but . . . . The watermelon sugar will make a certain percentage of the alcohol. Try it, if you dring a glass and fall down send me the recipe quick. ha ha When I lived in Hawaii I used to get a bunch of pineapples and give to an old Vietnamese guy. He would make Pineapple wine which would put you on your butt after a glass full. Unfortunately I never learned how he made the wine, but he was good at it. Cheers

I'm gonna try to make that wine. I'll let you know how it tastes, in a couple of months! <br />
If the vodka gives it kick, can I put in extra vodka? I want to be sure I feel that kick!

Wow, that sounds good! Although, anything spiked with vodka can't be bad! :-)

I don't make my own but there are many recipes. You can buy it all around here in Georgia and Alabama (out in the country - city people don't know what's good)<br />
My favorite recipe (I never tried it but the guy said it would work.) Boil the watermelon juice down to where it is about double the thickness that it was. Add sugar to taste. Pour in about a shot of vodka for each two gallons of wine (that's to kick it off) Set it in a cool spot and let it age for a couple of months. Don't put a lid on the container but cover it with cloth of some sort so the wine can breath a little bit. I have heard of jars of wine and booze exploding when they were sealed too tight. Put a gallon or fifth in the fridge and let it cool. Sit under the nearest shady tree and sip on the wine while you think good thoughts. hmmmmmm gooooooood<br />
PS - Did you know how to have a watermelon roast? Take you lover into the woods with you. Build a big fire. Throw the whole watermelon in the fire. In about five minutes the watermelon will explode, blowing pieces all over the place. Walk with your lover out into the woods and get a piece. Groan - sorry but I just had to put that in.

I was always the seed spitting winner. You just gotta give that seed some oomph when you spit it!<br />
<br />
Do you make your own wine or would I buy it somewhere? If you make it, please share how!

Watermelon wine is good when it is really cold (and on a hot day) Did you guys ever have seed spitting contests when you were little? I never could spit as far as my brother - I still resent him 50 years later, ha ha

Oh, now you've got me wanting some watermelon. I've never tried watermelon wine. I bet that would be goooood!