Turn Around, Bright Eyes..

"Prince with a thousand enemies.." whoever thought bunny rabbits could be so eloquent? In the simple creatures we find our limits and frontiers, seeing very clearly a path the complicated have made for us.
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Thank you for this offering...<br />
This hits a place in me that has always fought the powers that be in my life. Even when I did not know who "THEY" were. I refuse to let them have my life totally. And I am not waiting for the Heaven they have created...I have created my own Heaven & they cannot even imagine it... Hugs & Love, LW

yeah, I have never seen the secret of NIMH but know people who have and they say it's disturbing on many levels. thanks for commenting. have a great day.

I love the sense of overcoming adversity in Watership Down. There's a feeling of defiance of overwhelming odds that runs through the whole book.<br />
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"When they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you..."<br />
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There are a lot of 'childrens books' that are good reads for adults. I still enjoy 'I Am David'.

Super book have hanky ready at the end , went back and played the sound track snif snif

yes, I finally did see the whole movie from start to finish; my sister bought it. Originally I only became interested in it because of a friend named John, a rabbit.<br />
I was never very good at figuring out stories since my comprehension is very limited and focused; I would always fail to see the big picture if there was too much film. <br />
But I liked this story. Watching it with my sister helped; she is a little quicker than me ;-P.<br />
Thank you for commenting, Juan.

This is a fabulous book, and makes for excellent summer reading. It is, in its essense, the classic hero's journey. I rank it right up there with The Lord of The Rings -- perhaps even greater.

I barely remember, but it is a good adage and moral for us to live by. It spreads intelligence. Thank you for the read.

Remember the bunny in "Bambi"?<br />
His name was Thumper and his mother reminded him:<br />
"If you can't say somthing nice,don't say anything at all".<br />
This made a great impression on me when I saw the movie years ago.<br />
I have not read Watership Down,but I will look for it.

Yes...that is true! Well, you forgot the Charles Nelson Riley and Paul Linde, too...<br />
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I think that teachers should stick to the real three R's, not Religion, Righting or Rumors...

I did end up seeing the last half hour or so, and I DID LOVE the animation. The skies looked...bewildered but serene with the grays, lavanders and pinks.

I never read the book but it seems like it would have been a beautiful experience.

Great Moxie, <br />
<br />
Have a few moments to rejoice in the little things and give thanks, Whoever or whatever has given us life obviously wants us to BE and has given us a LOT of things to enjoy!<br />
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My love to you, <br />
<br />

Good, Mox! That is what humans are here for, to inspire and sustain one another. I hope what ever you are going through, you win.

I enjoyed reading your conversation. It gave me some spiritual sustenance I needed tonight! Thanks Mox

Yes, and the choir loves it!<br />
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No one, or no thing no matter how terrible it rages, will ever take my spirit down...my soul doesn't belong to this world...weapons can only kill the body...but only I can surrender my spirit. But, being a spititual person, you already know that...preaching to the choir is still good excercise...

Nature has its laws: Sometimes in recovery over an illness, the body only borrows time. Decades later, the disease does finally take us down. War is the same thing. We may win and live in peace, or have something coveted for a few decades, but the war manages to recycle its ugly head and finally take us down.<br />
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Well, I admit I have to work on the compassion thing ALOT...but at least I try.<br />
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Very well put, by the way...<br />
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Well good, Radiant! I guess in the end it makes us happier being connected with everyone and everything. In the end the acts of war and feelings of menace will only serve the one cause-creation. Creation is love.

You, yourself and you, and me, myself and I have to learn to get along with them, themselves and them, therefore, they and we aspire to less brutishness more often then not. Our divine nature is in need of at least a little dusting or cleansing before it can be polished. That said, take it as another way of reconciling the human and divine. <br />
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I share your state and am all compassion!<br />
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I don't know much about Buddhism, but your view sounds wonderful...if only everyone tried to do that the world would be a kinder place.<br />
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My EP name...well, it is a paradox; the brute mystic...but aren't we all? We are inarguably imbued with a divine nature, yet we are beasts; us smarter animals aspire to know the celestial and apply it as often as possible, although we fall short at times. It is me reconciling "I" to myself...

Thanks for asking. I follow many of the teachings in buddhism and meditate on my life with the goal being to drop off things that keep me from loving my self and having love and compassion for others. <br />
<br />
There are many goddess figures in Buddhism. Each one is depicted by drawings, paintings or figures. These figures have been assigned attributes that are worth having. <br />
<br />
I aspire to have the attributes of the Radiant Goddess. <br />
Radiant is my Buddhist name.<br />
<br />
How did you pick your EP name?<br />
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No problem R!<br />
Did you get your name from the final chapter of Charlotte's Web?

The book and movie, you say. Great, it sounds very though provoking, I want one or both of them.<br />
Thanks, <br />
<br />

I think the name of the book is Watership Down, R. I have been meaning to read the book but only caught the last 20 minutes of the movie...very thought provoking.

Ah, a question from Clueless...what is the name of the book

Will be sure to let you know what I think, But I'm a random reader, I could come across and read any number of other books before I spot that one at the library or on the shelf of a bookstore.

Can I be honest? I have only been told the story; I have never read it, but have always wanted to. A friend would qoute me lines from the book, and tell me the jist of the story-it haunted me. Did you give it a read? I just don't have the time-but my sister said I can maybe get it on ebay...

I never put a comment here when I read this awhile back, but I did make a note in my palm pilot to read the book, your description enticed me.