My Wife Pee On Me.

Saturday, I was with my wife in bed and my wife was on top.  She really cummin fast, and ask me "what do you want ?".
(She's not into pee play, but pee on me sometime, but never in a sexual mood.  She made that just for my pleasure.)
So, I replied "what do you want to do to make me *** ?" 
-"what you want ?"
me-"You know what I like, I can *** in your *****, and make me clean it after" (She dont like that...) " You can sit on my face and I will ********** until I ***, or you can pee on my mouth". 
gf-"Go, I have to pee really bad now".
My heart was stopped right there...  She never want to play pee game in sex.

So, I Was going in the bath, and ask her to put a feet on the side of the bath.  So I can place my mouth a few inch behind her *****.
A few second later, she was ******* all in my face and mouth, and I swalloed a few mouthfullof pee...
WOW !!!' It was so nice, I came immediately.

I really like to be peed on.
I cant wait to the next time.
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3 Responses May 25, 2010

Nice. Totally feel your pain, and occasional pleasure.

almost the same. we were in the 69 and she said i have to pee real bad, i told her to pee. she didn't hesitate for a second, my mouth was on her ***** when she peed so she would just wiggle a little bit. and let it come. sometimes now we have a session in the bathroom,where she sits on the stool and i neel in front of and she pees . part of our sex life. very very hot and sensual for both of us.

Why did you waste it all Get in bed and pee on each other.