Bath Night

My mistress informs me that I must prepare for a bath night in two days time; this means that from now I must start collecting my **** & her golden nectar. I carefully label it & store it in a cool place.
On the appointed night I must clean and polish the bath then put on my very best white underwear & a pure white frilly sissy dress & I am sent to lie in the bath after half an hour of quiet contemplation my mistress enters the bathroom & makes me beg & plead for the golden shower to begin. She then proceeds to slowly pour her golden nectar over my face & my **** over my body & inside my frilly panties. She leaves for about 15 minutes; on her return she has a jug of her fresh golden nectar in her hand I am ordered to lie flat on my back with my mouth wide open, she slowly pours it in and around my mouth. When all the urine is poured over me I find I am lying in it to a depth of about 4 inches. I am left here for up to 2 hours my mistress occasionally looking in on me to gloat & to tell me what a disgusting creature I am.
If mistress is in a playful mood she may throw a few marbles into the bath & have me retrieve them one by one with my mouth to her great amusement, other times she may make me get out, take off my clothes, shower and bring her a drink then I have to put my dripping wet clothes back on & climb back into the bath to soak for another half hour.
When mistress judges that I have been taught the lesson I so deserved I must shower for half an hour , I am then allowed to dress in a nightie & join her in bed.
slaveboy65 slaveboy65
61-65, M
Aug 12, 2010