Vacation Part 1

This is not a true story, although it would have been great . Please feel free at add me to your circle or comment. I'd love to hear them.

I've been driving for hours now, long after dark trying to make up for lost time. I've drank several cups of comforting Java passing the same cars 4 to 5 times. My eye sight getting into a trans from the headlights and tail lights. I knew I had to make a quick stop in the next town for a quick restroom stop and a refill of coffee.

I got to a complete stop in front of a diner and noticed a beautiful blonde jump out of her car next to me. I've been driving with her for at least 3 hours or so.

She had long legs, a rounded butt and wearing jogging pants and a tight white cotton tshirt.

Her tummy was slightly bloated and round. She must have been 5'9" and slightly overweight but in a sexy way.

I made my way into the diner and noticed her sitting in the waiting area waiting for someone to assign a place. I ran to the washroom knowing I had only seconds before a steady flow would erupt if I didn't get there.

On my way out i decided to sit in the waiting area and relax before getting a coffee and continuing my road trip. I could not help staring at that same blonde, only I felt like I was bothering her as she moved around allot and looked uncomfortable.

I looked down at her crossed legs and noticed her plaid men's pj bottoms soaked at the croatch area. My heart beating hard and my **** swelled up as quickly as I had to hide it from plain view using my jacket. I had just witnessed a woman wet herself and I was turned on in a good way. I stared at her croatch for a minute and she got up leaving a small puddle behind. I got up, ordered a coffee and walked back to my car where I sat down to make sense of what just had happened to me.

That's where I looked to the right of me and noticed her smiling while she changed from her pjs to what seemed to be shorts. Hard to tell what she was wearing since her car door was closed.

She drove away and I followed, both heading south. We drove for a couple hours passing one and other smiling. My bladder was about to explode but I did not want to lose my new friend.

... To be continued ...
Tracewatson Tracewatson
36-40, M
Sep 4, 2012