Day Off

This is the first day off i have had in ages so this morning I decided I was going to make the most of it especially since i have the house to myself.

I started by reading some of the amazing stories on here and looking at the pics which make me verry hard almost instantly but I resisted the urge to put my hand into my shorts and just carried on reading...

When I felt like I couldnt take it any more I gave in and started to stroke my hard **** slowly through my shorts and it felt so good that I had to work really hard to keep going slowly.

Then I started to read an extremely hot peeing story and I couldnt stop myself I just rubbed faster and faster until I came into my shorts.

After I *** I usually have to pee pretty bad and today is no different but I didnt go and the situation was made worse by the fact that I didnt pee this morning either so now I have been awake for about 8 hours and I still havent peed.

As I sit here writing this I can feel myself getting hard again but I know I wont be able to hold on much longer just gotta decide where I am gonna pee I just wish there was some1 here to enjoy it with me ;)
peelover85uk peelover85uk
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

Sitting in my car at a local WIFI spot, reading your story and peeing my pants, oh I am wearing a diaper this time, but it still feels nice, warm and cozy.