New Ideas For New Festish?!

So I met a guy who turned me on to his wetting fetish. He was a virgin til he met me because for the past decade he thought that no girl would ever be turned on by such a fetish, now he has created a monster out of me! i never thought I would have such a fetish but now i cant think about getting off any other way! Anyone here want to share some new ideas with me and how to make my bf sexually happy? ive been doing research and experimenting with new things. Ive sent him vids of me wetting myself in his fav panties or jeans, and ive wet myself while riding him or while hes riding me doggy. I also tease him by drinking lots of water and holding it all day til he can **** me that night. ahh! haha. I am open to any new ideas or experiences that anyone wants to share!! Thanks!
kandikitty12 kandikitty12
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4 Responses Nov 25, 2012

It's been a few years you did this story, but. Poop in his favorite pair of your panties and see if he just can't get enough of you! !! Cleaning house in a t-shirt and messy panties Mmm I couldn't stop♡♡♡

- yep let him roll you up on your shoulders so you can pee up in the air - then he can drink you and you can cover your own **** and drink with him

Sit on his lap while you are watching a movie or making out and wet yourself and him. That would make me cumm immediately and make me seriously horny.

Try 69-ing him. While giving him a long, deep and slow blow job and him eating your *****, shower his face, his mouth or his chest, depending on what gets him racing. Then give him a deep kiss and tell him to **** you hard. If nothing else you'll have loads of fun!