My Days As Pee Slave.

I am writing this for two reasons one because I would like to share with like minded people my recent experience and also to see if anyone has any ideas about how to spice things up further.

I am male and have had a pee fetish for as long as I can remember. That is I like women to pee for me and on me. I have been very happily married to “C” for 25 year and about 15 years ago C after several requests agreed to pee first in her panties and then a bit later on me and then finally when on holiday in my mouth. I always swallow. Over the years we have played some pee games with it becoming one of the parts of our sex life. She nearly always gives and I receive. We have gone through periods when we have done it a lot then don't do it much for a while. I admit that sometimes when I wanted sex and C didn't it was often used as an easy way for her to satisfy me. Her peeing in some way to make me ***.

Sexually I am dominant and C is submissive (I don't mean passive) and now openly admits it.

Last month somehow in conversation the idea of a pee slave came up. I suggested a scenario where a sunday at home was set-up for C to have just what she wanted – favourite brunch, a relaxing read, a walk in the park, favourite afternoon movie, sex in her favourite positions for her pleasure, hot bath, 3 course dinner cooked, drinks made for her throughout the day etc. However, whenever she needed to pee she would do it in my mouth. She seemed fairly keen on the idea but I would not say excited.

On the Saturday night I had trouble sleeping not with excitement but actually worry that I would not be able to perform well enough! Next morning C got up from bed at about 8 and had about an hour to herself which was part of her “day” then got showered and washed her hair. I could hear her moving about before coming into the bedroom and waking me to tell me she needed a pee. I went into the bath room and lay on a towel on the floor and C squatted over my face and pisssed in my mouth. I swallowed about 50% mainly due to bad technique than desire. I then licked her clean before giving her a wash with a warm wet cloth, a dry and powder. I then pulled up her panties putting a kiss in the gusset the knelt on the floor in front of her before saying “thank you”. This was so unlike our normal relationship. At no point did any other sex act occur. I was rock hard but my **** stayed in my shorts.

C then got a marker pen and put a tick on my shoulder for one “job” well done.

C got dressed in a respectable but sexy dress and I got washed and dressed. I made breakfast and afterwards she announced she wanted a pee. Back to the bathroom, I went on the floor. C stood over me lifted her dress pulled her panties down, squatted over my face and pissed again. Same routine was gone through. No sex. I spend the rest of the day on the edge never knowing when C would want a pee sometimes it seemed quite soon after the last, other times I seemed to be waiting an age. The quantities varied as did my ability to swallow. Each time I got a tick drawn on my body with a comment such a VG (very good or excellent) and on cross (X) when I did not swallow enough and her thighs got wet. I soon realised that the only reason I was not swallowing was that with excitement I was forgetting to breath through my nose. Once I had that sorted I could swallow nearly 100% with the towel underneath me only getting a bit damp (hence the VG and excellent). She pissed in my mouth before and after a walk in the park, before sex, before her bath, during dinner etc. By the end of the day I had 12 ticks on my body. She also learned to take a bit of time standing over me (just a few seconds for me to get composed), take her panties down slowly so I could enjoy the view, pause a few seconds before sitting on me, then pausing a few seconds again before starting.

She tried once kneeling over me but preferred to squat holding the bathroom cabinet as this gave her more control and she could look down and watch.

One weird thing that was at the start of the day her labia were closed together and I parted them with my tongue as she started. Mid afternoon her ***** as she stood above me was open and she commented that it felt like it was opening up in preparation.

At the end of the day after the last time I was allowed to ********** and had my only ****** of the day. She summed it up saying she found it a bit intrusive at first but got into it and it wasn't unpleasant.

From my perspective I suffer from some anxiety and while I was anxious waiting for the next “use” overall the feeling it produced each time I was used was very relaxing the next days I felt very peaceful.

Now the next weekend on Friday when I asked C what she wanted to do on Sunday she went a bit red and I soon got it out of her that she wanted a repeat which we did. Only we got up very late as we were out the night before so I only got about 6 ticks which did not feel as good.

We have now had a discussion about when the Christmas tree should go up and I said weekend before Xmas and she said beginning of December (usual debate on which we usually compromise on mid Dec). However, C quickly suggested that we should play the pee slave game again on 2nd Dec with her being spoiled by being allowed to put the tree up.

I intend to have a discussion with C beforehand on the basis of how she will get the most pleasure such as:

1. Does she want me to drink as much as possible or does she prefer some to go over my face and shoulders

2. Does she prefer my mouth right tight over her ***** or a inch or so away so she can hear and possibly see the **** going in my mouth and being swallowed

3. Does she prefer me to take it “like a man” without complaint or does she prefer that I show it if I am finding it difficult (not that she should stop)

4. Does she prefer silence, appreciative moans or struggling noises.

5. Is there anything she wants to do or do differently.

I am also going the request that she deliberately drinks a lot during the day so she can use me as hard as possible both in terms of quantity and number of times. I want to get more than 12 ticks.

This is very new to me and very exciting and sexual enjoyment that does not involve an ****** or my **** at all. Anyone have any comments or any suggestions how I can take this further or to another level.
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3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I totally loved this story and I would love to know what she decided. Having my wife pee in my mouth is a dream for me. The closest we've come is when I've licked her clean a couple of times.

Hmmm, this does sound like an excellent way to play! You never mentioned, has it gotten so that she becomes as aroused as you or is it entirely just for your benefit? As for how to take it further or to another level, I'll have to think about that....other than her pleasuring you manually while she lets you drink her pee (but of course not allowing you to ******), that's about all I can think of at this point! Thanks so much for sharing!

Love this experience. Very lovely and arousing.