A Nice Hot Shower

Although we never really talked about it other than one time when we had been viewing videos on line, my husband eventually learned that pee could be a very sexual thing for me. I knew he wasn't into it as he had expressed this during our video viewing, so I knew it didn't arouse or excite him at all and I kept it to myself and enjoyed videos on my own and playing by myself on different occassions when I knew I could get away with it without being 'caught'. Eventually though, he came to know how it would arouse me and that is when he surprised me one night.....

We were in bed cuddling and eventually the cuddling turned to kissing and touching until it was all out playing soon to turn to a love-making session. We were both fully aroused and just when I was expecting sex to begin, he surprised me.

"I'm going to get a couple of towels and I want you to lay across the bed with your head at your side.....I ah.....want to....pee on you." And with that he was gone to hunt down a couple of nice big fluffy towels to lay on the bed. He came back to the bedroom and layed the towels on the bed and asked me to lay on top of them. Of course, I obeyed and layed across the bed as he instructed earlier with my head towards him all the while wondering what the heck had gotten into him and if he was actually going to pee on me. Naturally, my arousal went to completely excited and I could already feel myself throbbing in anticipation. He had never expressed the thought of doing anything like this to me and now here he was, apparently ready and driven to do it.

"Come, lay on the towels...." and he helped me onto them and waited while I lay down. We were both naked and his full hard on was now only at half mast and I reached back to touch him, in order to revive his erection. I was stopped immediately though, "Babe, I can't pee very well with an erection, please don't do that." And with that, I withdrew my hands and placed them at my side. After a minute, I glanced at up and saw him standing over me, his **** in one hand, pointing it out over my body. "Give me a minute...ha ha", apparently he was having trouble getting started!

Suddenly, a short spurt of pee shot out and landed on my breasts which surprised me and I gasped. A few seconds later, another spurt of pee and then immediately following another which kept going this time and never stopped. He sighed in relief and I replied with a quiet moan, enjoying the warmth of his **** as it splashed over my skin as he directed it slowly moving his ****. I noticed it wasn't a full hard stream and chalked that up to his perhaps being a little nervous and under pressure to perform this naughty act. My entire body was on fire and my hands moved to my body running up over my stomach to my breasts, feeling the warm wetness now covering my body. Moving my hands over my breasts, cupping them and giving them a squeeze, I brought one finger to my mouth and took it inside, tasting his **** on it. His stream halted for a second and I knew he was watching me and a second later, I felt it start again this time landing directly above my *****. I felt dribbles of his **** running down the sides of my body and down in between my legs and my hands found their way down there.

I parted my legs, opening my lips and revealing to him my pink parts which already were glistening with my own juices. Again, his pee stream paused and I heard him curse under his breath, "Ah ****...." and a second later he was again peeing. By now, my fingers had found their way to my ***** and I was ************ quite agressively, feeling the need to *** building fast and wanting to before his bladder was empty. Thank goodness he had a large bladder and I knew from hearing him peeing in the past, that it took a good amount of time to empty his bladder with a full hard stream, so I knew at this pace, I had some time. My body however, didn't need the extra time and abruptly tensed as my first ****** washed over me.

As I started to come down again from my ograsm I realized he had stopped peeing and was disappointed it was over when once again I felt the sudden rush of warmth as he started ******* again, this time harder and again I heard him sigh, longer this time, with relief. Finally, ******* in full mode, I could feel his stream beating on my skin and I continued ************ being greedy and wanting more. I felt his pelting now on my nipples, first one then the other and I lifted my head slightly in order to get another taste. Down my body again, he directed it heading straight for my ***** and still I rubbed myself, fingering my ***** while my other hand rubbed his **** over my skin. Without warning, another ****** exploded suddenly and I cried out, my entire body tensing entering my second ****** hard, gasping for breath. A moment later, slowly coming down again and back into the now, I could hear him warning me, "....just about done baby....almost empty...."

In the midst of hearing his warning I could feel my body tensing again and a second later I was gone again, over the edge, enjoy a third ******...this one more intense than ever. My naked ****-soaked body squirming on the damp towels, with my hand between my legs rubbing lightly now as everything became sensative, I felt the last drizzle of his **** run back up my body and then stop.....a quick spurt and another and then he was done. I was soaked. I was exhausted. I wanted more. Before he had a chance to move, I raised my head and found his pissy **** hanging there and took it into my mouth. I could taste his **** on my tongue and felt my body react with a faint throb. A few seconds later, his **** is hard and he's thrusting into my mouth. "It's gonna be quick baby...I need to *** so bad..." he managed to say in between hard thrusts. I stopped all together sucking him inside and instead let him **** my mouth...it seemed that's what he needed and after giving me the most wonderful golden shower, I could give him this.

Faster and harder his thrusts came, forcing himself deeper each time into my mouth until he was thrusting so fast I hardly felt him leave my mouth. I was close too, I hadn't stopped ************ but I wanted to *** with him so I was holding off as best I could. I could hear him groan and knew he too was close, but he kept going, thrusting hard into my mouth, almost to the point of making me gag. "Ah ****...I need to ***." Oh my baby....he needed to *** so bad but just couldn't get there. I sucked hard onto his swollen **** and I moaned a long, deep moan and at the same time I let myself go.....another ****** burst through my body, enough so that I squirted just a bit and finally........"OHMYFUCKINGOD" was all I heard before my mouth was filled and I had to swallow fast making room for more as he shot his load, again and again until finally nothing was left and his **** twitched against my tongue and softened.

He withdrew from my mouth, I got up and removed the towels from the bed and he crawled in beside me. "What was that all about?" I asked him, wondering what made him want to shower me like he did. "Just wanted to try it..." and with that we both fell asleep. However, that was the one and only time I got to experience that. We never talked about it again but I'll always remember what a wonderfully hot, exciting experience it was.....
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He was brave!

He was and it truly paid off for him too in the end. Too bad though, that was the one and only time. Was great though at the time!

That was so incredibly erotic to read - thank you for sharing

Thank you and thank you for reading!

What a story.... I would love to try that with my wife, but I don't know how to suggest it without turning her off. She is pretty conventional, but we do have great sex

All you can do is try! I would suggest bringing up some videos online and watching them with her, letting her know what a huge turn on you find them to be and watch for her reaction. She may surprise you! Good luck!

Extremely hot story! I've tried for years to find another woman to do the same thing to me without any success. Your man sounds like a keeper!

He is a keeper....though it was only a one time experience. There are women out there who like this, I can assure you of that! Keep on looking, you'll find one....or perhaps if there is woman in your life you, she may be open to experimenting!

Reading this really makes me want to try it with my wife. I have only received from her. She's not really into it and has told me she doesn't want to receive. I hope you will be able to experience this again. Perhaps you should try to approach the subject again, maybe he's been thinking about it. Good luck.

I hope you do get to try it with your wife even just once, it may surprise her and she may end up liking it afterall! My husband is pretty vanilla when it comes to sex and doing this was well out of his norm, trust me. It may happen again at some point, you never know. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my story!

Very hot story ! To bad it happened only once. My gf and I love pee play. It is a powerful aphrodisiac !!!

I agree, too bad it was only once and will ever only be that once. Glad though that you and your gf enjoy regularly!

Wow that was hot :)

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Wow, that sounded like a great time. He never did that again? Even though you liked it so much? What a shame.

No, he never did it again, just that one time. It didn't do anything for him though I'm sure seeing me become as excited as I did, affected him. But also, shortly after that, he ran into some sexual problems and isn't able to do it anymore...so that may have something to do with it to. But yes, it is a terrible shame!

IF my sex partner liked something that much I would make it happen as often as it she wanted. It sounded like it really made you wet and *** so hard. THAT'S what it is all about. Making your sex partner happy and in turn they will make you happy too. Or at least it should be that way.

That is the way it normally works, yes and I agree with you 100%!

Beautiful story, I understand totally, my husband liked watching me pee and I had seen him pee but we never did it together until one night just like you said. it was a wonderful experience for both of us but I was lucky that it was added to our love making when the time was right. He to had a rough time pee because it aroused him so and he would get hard. We would have to wait a bit till he calmed down to finish. I never had that problem, LOL

haha, you gotta love when that happens! I guess there is a bonus to your partner not really being into it....they can pee no problem because it doesn't praticularly turn them on! I, on the other hand, also have a problem peeing when I get very excited so I do understand about that! Nice to know you got to enjoy it as well....wish it was more than a one time thing for me!

Very enjoyable story. I love to read about how aroused it got you!

Thanks, it actually surprised me too at how aroused it got me. I always knew it was a turn on but when it actually happened, I felt about ready to explode with excitement!

Great story. Reminds of my wife long ago. She loved it also. As did I when she returned the favor.

Very nice...what I wouldn't give to have a partner into it as much as I, like your wife and you enjoyed it! Glad you enjoyed the story!

wow what an incredible story - damn

Glad you liked it! Thanks for letting me know!

It makes me sad to hear you have no sex life with him, especially since you are in your prime. I hope he makes up for it in other ways, and that you get your release somehow.

Thanks temjd....I guess he must make up for it in other ways, I'm still here and no plans of going anywhere! And yes of course I get my release somehow...where there is a will, there is a way!

Wow, you really got lucky that time. It makes me so hot and horny to read about others enjoying thereselves lilke that. I so wish I could find the right partner some day. My current gf will not even hear of such a thing. She gets turned off at the thought af anything outside of the ordinary.

I understand how you feel, my husband is (or was, when we had a sex life) very much the same. It would be wonderful to have a partner to share this fun with, but in the meantime at least I can enjoy it on my own when I get the chance!

That was fantastic. Thank you for sharing! I hope you are able to have that much fun again. Good luck!

Glad you enjoyed it and I do enjoy times just like that whenever I get the chance! I'll post more stories about other experiences soon!

Wow. Just wow. This is such a hot story, it made me wet just reading it and that usually doesn't happen to me. Well done! Thank you!

Wow, I'm so glad you enjoyed my story that much! I love it when I can affect someone just like I did you on this story, when I share my stories. Thanks for letting me know!

After making you *** 3 times he has not realised how it turns you on and excited to do it again? You have the wrong guy, I would not stop ******* on you and watching you *** and then getting you to **** on me. I would also try and **** inside you and have you **** while I am in you.

It was shortly after this happened that his sex drive started being affected from his medication so we really didn't get a chance to try it again. That is the only thing he enjoyed from it of course, was how incredibly turned on I became from it. I do agree though that I am with the wrong guy in that way...maybe one day I'll get to have it again! Thanks for reading and commenting...glad you enjoyed it!

Very erotic

Thanks Pmac....glad you enjoyed it. It's always better when you share a story and hear people's feedback. I was hoping you'd see this one here and have a read!

That I did.

Wonderful....and I'm happy that you found it so erotic!

Well I`m just that kinda guy.

I know...that's why I thought you would enjoy it!

I sure would love it.

; )


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