Long Distance Peeing

Last week I decided to head for the VFW and have a few beers and then some. I started to talk with a lady vet and she told me about her time she spent in Iraq and I told her about me. I do not remember how we got on the subject of peeing and after a few more beers she asked me if I could give her a lift home, not a problem. We only drove about 5 minutes and she says that she has to pee luckily we were driving past a park so I pulled into the park and found a spot that was a little dark where she could do her thing. As she got out she asked me if I had to go and I said well yeah I do but I`ll go to the other side of the car. I think we both had a beer or two many so she says oh bullshit you can pee with me over her, I`ve seen ***** before and I`m sure you have seen ******* before. So I decided what the hell and as I walked up to her she says lets see who can pee the farthest well **** why not. Ladies first well she does` nt just squat and pee she lays down then brings her feet up towards her *** and her knees are pointed up then arching her back she shot out a stream of golden ****. Her **** landed about six or seven feet away from her glistening wet ***** that covered her whole crotch and a little trail up towards her belly button.
  Your turn she says so I pull out my halk hard **** from seeing that beautiful ***** of hers. She just laid there with her legs spread wide open and I was distracted from what I was suppose to do. I did not notice when she turned towards me until I felt something warm and wet running down my leg. As I turned towards her I forgot I was peeing and I peed right on her *****. She moaned and screamed as her hands moved down between her legs and she started to play with herself. I could not believe what was happening as I kept peeing on her ***** and she started squirming and shaking as she had an ******. I got down on the ground crawling up between her legs to put my tongue into her soaking wet *****. She had one final surprise for me as I got about a foot from her and she let loose with one final squirt of her golden nectar that shot right into my mouth. I did not care, my tongue worked its way thru her wet hair finding her hard throbbing **** her hands on the back of my head trying to pull me deeper inside her. She started thrusting up against my face her legs wrapped around my head quivering and shaking as she came again. As she unwrapped her legs from around my head I climbed up on top of her face her mouth opened and I began to **** her mouth until I shot my *** down her throat. I just rolled over and told her I was ready for a good hot shower.
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Nice...sounds very exciting and unexpected which always makes it that much better! Thanks!

Thank you