Peeing Inside

A few years ago my ex wife and I were having sex in the shower. I really had to pee. I didn't want to pull out so I just started peeing in her *****. She **** so hard It hurt my ****. Ever since then I've wanted to pee inside someone's ***. Has anyone tried it? what's it like?
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I've always wanted to try this. I guess it's on my pee-bucket list :-)

Any potential side effects?

Oh love that feeling when my husband is inside of me and he says he has to pee. He squirts a little at a time until I start peeing and then he just releases the full amount into my *****. Love how he can empty into me and keep me corked up and full. We have a mattress protector on the bed and love laying together after peeing even several times during the night

Here I go:<br /> <br />
Normally I can hold it longer (a bit more than half a liter) but my belly was nervous and wanted to be emptied. The quality of the video is not so good, because it was a spontan decision to film this short powerpee. The sound of my pee splashing on the ground of my bath is very stimulating.<br />
Enjoy it!

YouTube removed your video. You might try posting it on XTube.

Okay. Perhaps later ;-) I'll prepare better videos after christmas next year if you want. I have some good ideas and now what to do with camera position and light in my small bathroom ;-)

It`s fun


Never done any type of pee

My wife and I have done this many times. Not usually in the shower because it's pretty hard to get in the right position to relax enough while standing. Usually what I'll do is sit on the toilet with her straddling me...she'll slide me inside her and I'm usually ready to go.

I'll hold back because it's harder for her to go on command...but eventually she'll start peeing on the base of my **** and I'll start spraying her inside, filling up her ***** with my hot ****. Usually some will come out of her but most stays in, with my **** acting like a plug. It's a strange but awesome feeling, having my **** surrounded by a full load of **** in her vagina. Thing is, she LOVES it so I never have to ask her twice or even ask her at all to do it.

The next step for us is to do it outside in the backyard...we both want to do that at some point, and much more. Maybe in the spring when the weather warms up... :)

It's even more fun in bed. Try getting some mattress protection, put down a few towels to keep the puddles a reasonable size, and have at it!