My First Time

A friend asked me to come over to meet some of his other friends who he thought had some interests in common with me. We were all in our early twenties. We were hanging out in the back yard grilling, drinking and shooting the breeze. After a while this tall, slim kinda nerdy guy asks this jock looking guy if he wanted it. the jock guy said, "F... yeah I want it." And the tall slim guy gets up and starts stripping off his clothes then goes and stands in front of the jock and pees right in the jocks face. The pee ran down and soaked his clothes. The tall nerdy guy gets done then goes and sits back down with out bothering to put his clothes back on.

As the other guys needed to pee they would just go up to the jock and pee. I noticed that the jock was taking some in his mouth and swallowing it. All but one guy ******** when they got up to pee on the jock. My friend told me that when I had to go the jock was the urinal. When I had to go I ******** down (I prefer to be naked anyway) and peed on the jock.

I became friends with the guys, but the jock and I really hit it off. One day I was over at my friend's house giving him a BJ in the back yard when the jock showed up. As I finished with my friend the jock ******** down. His Mr. Happy was...well happy, so I started giving him a BJ. When we finished that, he held me there until he was soft. then he peed a little in my mouth. When I swallowed he started peeing again and pulled out of my mouth and soaked me proper. Then my other friend took his turn and peed in my face and mouth. I have been hooked on pee ever since, and get from any guy who'll use me that way.

P.S. twenty years down the road and I'm still friends with the jock and the friend that introduced us.

Gingerqueer Gingerqueer
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

sharing **** n drinking it is just so sexy among a group of guys. We usually end up so horny it ends in a free for all **** fest with sucking n ******* any vacant **** or hole