**** In My *** Was Awesome!!

I love it when my hubby relaxes for a minute during sex then releases a long hot stream of **** in my *****. He fills it up until there is so much pressure it starts squirting back out around his ****. It's so freaking erotic for both of us! He usually pounds me hard with the **** splashing and we both come quickly after that.

But he'd been pestering me to try it in my ***, and I was a little nervous about that. I'm anal-erotic, but have to ease anal play very slowly, and it's often painful at first even with good preparation and lube. I read what little I could find on the subject of **** in the *** and found some people experienced a terrible burning sensation. We discussed it for a few months until we agreed we would try with just a tiny bit at first, and only after I was highly aroused, just in case it was too acidic and uncomfortable.

The big day came and I prepared early in the day by wearing a medium clear acrylic butt plug around the house to help relax the muscles in preparation for a fantastic anal ****, even if the **** part didn't go well. Shortly before play I did an anal-douche (not a full enema, just a lower bowel rinse that helps me feel cleaner for play time) After some amazing foreplay, I lost my nerve and told him we'd try the **** project some other time. He reluctantly agreed and said he'd just **** my sweet *** since I'd prepped it for him so well.

He lubed up my *** and eased his gorgeous **** inside very slowly without stopping until his balls were snugged up tight against me. Taking long slow strokes in and out, he worked me good. Some good fast ******* mixed with some slower paced deep penetration. Once in a while he'd pull out completely, telling me to keep my *** cheeks spread wide so he could see my round dark hole then he'd plunge back in deep and hold me tight and very still while I could feel his **** throb. So erotic!!

It was during one of these times that I felt his breathing change as his body relaxed against mine and I knew what he was doing! The bastard was *******! I tried to lunge forward away from him but his arm around my waist held me snug and he whispered "Shhhhhhhhh.....tell me what it feels like" in my ear. The sound of his low voice, so warm and comforting in my ear eased my instant panic and I stopped moving and concentrated on the feeling in my ***. "I don't feel any ****, just your ****. Oh wait.. oh.. ahhh... okay it's expanding like... getting fuller.. ahhhh that feels good. It doesn't burn!!" (my relief was great!)

He eased his **** out of me while ******* and plunged it back in again with the **** spraying out of the end of his ****. That might just be the hottest thing that's ever happened to me. I could feel the hot splash of liquid across my *** cheeks, then in the tip of my hole and then he plunged in with a splash and kept ******* me. The hot golden liquid of his **** mingling with the lube and making a messy hot erotic, oh-so-intimate ****.

We've been lucky enough to try this again several times over the past few months and each time has been more pleasurable than the one before. I'm SO glad he's a total perv! :)

So for any of you ladies worrying, like I was, that the sensation would be unpleasant or painful, I can unequivocally say that in my experience it was 100% positive.

BeveJ BeveJ
2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Your very welcome ! Enjoy !!

Glad my gf and are not alone when it comes to this ! We've taken it a step further, she inserts a funnel with a long tube into my *** and ****** into it ! Awesome feeling ! Enjoy !!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh something new to try!! Sounds WONDERFUL, thanks Bill!