Love Is An Understatement

I have enjoyed watching them in ****. It has happened on accident when f*cking my bf and he ended up liking it so now we typically incorporate p*ssing into our routine. I get so much wetter and *** so much harder when I am dying to take a pee and holding all that inside and just mins away from letting it go. I have a high sex drive anyways but today I was extra hot and horny. First he started making out with me, I dry humped him through his clothes while very desperate to pee, and it felt so hot, it had my pu$$y so wet hot and slippery I was soaking wet and ready to get plowed. First he liked my cl*t making me moan in pleasure and had me breathing pretty hard, then he had me in missionary and he was on top of me.. he made me squirt c*m all over at how well he penetrated my gspot. I got him so turned on by squirting my hot c*m all over him and his sheets. I was still really horny as well and couldn’t control myself so I got on top of him and took every inch of his nice hard stiff thick throbbing ****, bouncing up and down on him, my **** in his face as he sucked on them I could feel every inch of him ooohhhh the penetration sent me over the edge. He was moaning these sexy little guy moans “oh yeah baby” “oh that feels good take that big **** you like that huh baby” “oh come on squirt for me” “*** for me baby” “your so hot baby cmon *** for me squirt for me” he could feel my ***** clench tight around his **** as I was desperate to pee and felt a wave of ****** come over me.. I was trying not to let lose because it was a new mattress and the towel I squirted on was just small and already soaked plus c*m is easier to clean up and doesn’t have a smell to it.. well he thrusted and kept pounding my p*ssy and I was still on top of him trying to get up to excuse myself to go to the bathroom even though I wanted to keep on getting plowed. He turned over and got on top of me and his body was pressing right on my bladder and spincher muscles. He went in and out and I lost a little bit we were at the end of his bed and it dripped on his floor.. Then I was so horny by his actions I got back on him and gave him a golden shower all over that sweet gorged HUGE amazing c0ck as he penetrated me, part of the time letting go of my pee while he was jamming his d*ck inside me. he said it was the hottest thing ever. Then after about a minute of that he pulled out and I finished emptying my bladder on the tip of his **** and all down his shaft, then he turned me around to 69 so I started sucking him off and he was eating me out and I started to pee some more I had a mornings worth of coffee and a bunch of iced tea and pepsi at lunch so it was quite a massive amount. It felt so sexy and made me feel like I was a goddess. At one point I was peeing directly into his mouth and he was trying to swallow every drop of course he couldn’t because I was like a niagra falls though, he kept licking me long after I got done *******, I was sucking him off but couldn’t stop orgasming and my body was squirming so much from how good the relief of my bladder and getting my pu$$y licked clean felt.. my bf doesn’t have as large of a bladder as me but he did pee a few drops on my ****, he was still so hard though so it was hard for him to, he finished in the bathroom but I helped get him soft again ******* him some more then he let loose right inside my hole, then flooded me with a whole load of c*m. Mercyyyy today was the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH
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6 Responses Jan 21, 2013


I love your naughty peeing stories, really sexy!

Thank you!!!!!!!! That story has just gotten me so worked up and hard. You are a deviant goddess!

Sounds like you both had a great time ! Would love to change places with your guy and take your hot stream all over me !

I have never had the pleasure of it but hope to one day.

Awesome story ! Pee play is very sexy and erotic !