First Expeerience

I met an incredibly cute and friendly waitress while out for dinner one night...Well, long story short, we made a strong connection before dinner was over and ended up meeting at my place when she finished her shift. It wasn't long before we were mostly naked, laying on my floor, and running our tongues all over each other while she was sitting on me and rubbing her ***** up and down my chest. As she did this I started to feel warm liquid running down my sides.I can't describe the turn on, but I asked her not to let it all go at once. It was just too beautiful to let it end! I put my hands on her *** and pulled her up towards my mouth. She stopped and said she wasn't sure if it was pee or *** or both. I absolutely didnt care at that point and told her to let some go in my mouth. I have never had such a hard time trying not to ***! She pulled away and said she wanted it back so I spit it back in her mouth while we kissed. Then she sat up and spit it back in my mouth.As the night went on we kept drinking beer and trying all kinds of pee play.She wanted to pee in her own mouth so while she had her legs back, trying to get the stream in her mouth I ran my tongue all around and into her ***. She spit her pee in my mouth and then it was my turn. I layed back and aimed at my mouth while she tickled my **** with her tongue till I started peeing uncontrollably in my mouth and hers and all over myself. In the end she took the last of my pee and all my *** in her mouth and spit every last drop into mine, which I gladly swallowed. Ever since then, this has been my favorite way of getting myself off when I'm alone. There's other times but that's enough for now!

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

You have lived one of my fantasies. Congratulations!

Nice story. That was your first? It's so accepting and free of you to fully indulge the first time. You must have had some fantasies previous to that, yes? Very hot story, loved the way you shared and helped each other pee into your own mouths. Incredibly sexy! Bravo