1st Experiance Of Ws At Local Establishment

I had long been a fan of watersport, downloading clips and reading stories across the net. I had not the nerve to ask my GF for it. One day I decided to visit a local 'establishment' I had visited here before but never asked for WS so I was a little nervous.

On entering the house I was greeted by one of the ladies, as usual she was just in her underwear, and shown to a room. She explained there would be 4 ladies to chose from she gave here name, but before she left I asked do any of the ladies give WS, her reply was hesitant .. erm you'll have to ask each lady

Ok I thought each one came up and they were all pretty non comitial, until the last one, a tall Texan lady with thigh length leather boots on, by this time I was getting pretty dismayed, and I now realise the girls must have talked about by request between them. When the Texan introduced herself she said hey you wanted ws didn't you. ermm yeah was my stutters response. £10 extra for that do you want me ?. Of course I leapt at the chance, she was also the most sexy and she was pretty dominant as well. Financial details sorted she returned to the room and led be to an adjoing bathroom. I reclined in the bath and she removed her pants leaving her boots on straddled over my face. I do want it on you face don't ya ? she said ohh yes please I said ,don't forget to swallow will ya, were her next words. Then it was heaven.. a constant stream of woody tasting liquid filled by mouth. The stream was quite strong and I swallowed a huge amount. when it was all over I eagerly licked her hole. She even held back her lips for me to probe be inner c**t.. we cleaned up and went back to the room for a normal session.

Unfortunately she was only visiting the UK and I have not managed to see here again but this was the most wonderful session



sussexnick sussexnick
41-45, M
Feb 13, 2010