Patio Surprise True Story. More To Come...

My girlfriend and i just moved to SoCal from the midwest and live in San Diego. She is 22 years old, about 5'3" 115lbs c cup perfect **** tight stomach and the sexiest little landing ***** over her ***** that drives me wild. I am 25, about 6' 180lbs tight body. I take very good care of myself. needless to say we do not hold back when it comes to hot sex.

We had been at a club downtown on this particular night for hours with a group of friends when it came time for last call. Serena was wearing a black backless top with no bra as the **** was designed to show off a little side boob :) and skin tight designer jeans no panties as usual with a pair of leather knee high buckeled boots the heels of which were about 5 inches long and looked like daggers. As we were finishing up our drinks and getting ready to leave i noticed she looked a little uncomfortable and falling behind as we were making our way through the crowds of people. I asked her what was the matter and she replied nothing. I didnt think anything of it.

We got into a cab right away after we said our goodbyes to our friends and parted ways. On the way home Serena seemed tense, she had her legs crossed tightly and was squirming a little while she was kissing my neck as we exited the freeway. She leaned over and told me that she couldnt wait to get home. I agreed and told her that i really had to pee and i was iritated that the cab driver is a cab driver who barely knows how to drive or thinks MPH = KPH.

We finally arrived to my apartment complex which is a rather large community each unit has three floors  about 5 apartments per building and each with balconys overlooking a central pool area. I happened to live on the 3rd floor. I paid the cabby and we got out and made our way upstairs.

As we reached our apartment i unlocked the door and Serena darted in front of me and told me to hold on.

I assumed she had to use the bathroom so i sat down on one of the patio chairs on my balcony. I lit a cigarette and looked over the complex. noone was really out at this time of night except for a for a few drunk poeple in the hottub below.

Serena came back out onto the patio and sat on top of me straddling me, wrapped her legs around the back of her chair and started to grind on my ****.

"i had such a good time tongiht" she told me, " i really had to pee but i wanted to thank you first"

"it was no problem" i told her "but i really have to pee so if you cant go im gonna go first"

As i attemped to ease her off my lap so i could get out of the chair she shoved me back into the seat and wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me passionately. I just went with it figuring she would get up soon.

 As we kissed i felt the crotch of my pants getting really warm and i began to hear liquid pat on the ground underneath me. Once it penetrated my jeans i felt warm liquid running around my **** and between my legs and balls and realized what she was planning ever since we were about to leave the bar.

As her warm pee ran over my crotch my **** immediately began to get hard... like rock hard..  i could hear the hiss of her stream through her jeans, feel her **** run down my leg and splatter on the ground. all the while she never stopped kissing me and i never wanted to stop her... her stream gently subsided and she looked me in the eyes and smiled..

She climbed off my lap, knelt down in front of me while i was still sitting in the chair and unbuttoned my jeans. She pulled my already throbing **** out and started licking up and down the shaft with just the tip of her tounge before taking it in her mouth..

"I know you have to" she said.

I tilted my head back and closed my eyes trying to relax.. after about 30 seconds i just let go. my stream shot up like a fountain. She gripped the base of my **** and directed the stream to land on her beautiful **** and then began running the tip of her tounge up and down the sides of my shaft while i was still going. As my stream grew weaker and started to subside, she took my **** into her mouth and began sucking the last of my pee out of my ****. When she realized i was finished she stood up, her clothes were soaking wet. she took me by the hand and led me back inside the apartment where we undressed out of our soaking wet clothes and put them in the washer... she led me into the bedroom where we ****** untill i dont remember...

I woke up the next morining and looked at Serena lying naked with her leg  daped over my body. My neighbors still havnt said anything about seeing anything... its a good life


We are now looking for another girl to join our fun. Serena said she would only allow it if the other girl was hot and into watersports but she wants it to be discreet... I have no objections. If you are interested,  Message us, and we will exchange pictures.. if your the one we will make it happen

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We love to try new ways to pee, so if anyone has any suggestions let us know, well do it and write about it!

mmmm hot story! I had a lover who was into pee years ago, and we did all sorts of hot pee play. I loved giving him head when he peed, it was so exciting!